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Last chance to see! Ludwig Museum hosts Rafael Y. Herman’s first solo exhibition in Hungary

The exhibition presents recent works by Rafael Yossef Herman known for creating his work with the hidden existence of the night’s darkness. By observing this large scale photographic installation, the Israel-born artist’s representation of the nocturnal world may look like daylight to the viewer. Encapsulating imperceivable or imaginary realities Herman examines the limits of surreality and timeless reality. In a sense he is researching virtuality.

Virtual realities, games, simulations that are so influential to the present let us seek into areas unknown to the human eye. The night landscapes shot by Herman do not exist for our eyes. These strange lights of the night normally can only be perceived by technology.

Compared to the experience of the real daylight, we perceive odd shadows, moonlight features, colour spectrum and shimmering details that differ from sunlight. Rafael Y. Herman strives to create a new reality out of the mystery of the night. He highlights the fact that although the night landscape is close to us, its reality does not exist for the observer. These sites never existed for the human eye, just snapshots, insights into another reality. Curator: Attila Nemes

Finissage: 1 April

Via: Ludwig Museum Press

Photo credit: Ludwig Museum Press

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