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Love is in the air: May Day celebrations with air parade and ‘sharing and caring’ charity picnic

May the 1st, aka Labour Day  is a national holiday in Hungary,  the solidarity day of the workers, so expect all stores and offices  closed  as you can find the locals celebrating in maying events. All the museums and baths are open. There are various May Day Parties, open air concerts, in the city parks of Budapest for bigger festivities just  join the crowds in Városliget or on Margaret Island.

"Kocsmajális" (Pub Maying) will be held for the fifth time at the huge 35,000 m2 Dürer Piknik Park, the program is also a charity event, the fundraiser supports  Heti Betevő Association this year.

The best pubs in Budapest will be there , whose representatives are going to cook - over the fire in a cauldron for the fifth time - for the visitors. However, this is not just only a jolly team cooking,  the participants will be supporting the work of the Heti Betevő Association. Volunteers from the latter community provide weekly Sunday lunch to hundreds of needy people at 5 points in the country. The cauldron cooking is also a contest where renowned restaurant owners are judging the food and the top three teams receive cash prizes. The constant and popular "performer of the event" is a rodeo bull, for a donation ticket, one can also try their best and braveness. The all day event is worth visiting with family and friends, as music and children's programs will accompany the  mouth-watering dishes. 

When & where? https://www.facebook.com/events/2031423050511000/

An outstanding Hungarian sporting event, the  Great Race, dedicated to technical sports, is organised in the heart of Budapest, where Hungarian and internationally-acknowledged legends of motorsport racing are participating to familiarise the massive crowd of spectators lining along the banks of the Danube with motor and car racing.  The aspiring Dutch talent, Max Verstappen, from the Red Bull Racing Team will be giving a public performance, René Rast and Timo Glock are also going to round the track together with the only F1 racing driver of Hungary, Zsolt Baumgartner.


Motorsport programmes are starting from 10:00 am, from 12:15-12:30 Max Verstappen show, then 12:30-12:40 DTM show – René Rast and Timo Glock, the closing performance at  12:40-12:55 – Aston Martin RedBull Racing show – Max Verstappen

Erzsébet Square, Károly Boulevard, Astoria and Ferenciek Square circuit

The aerial show will be held over the Danube, between Elisabeth Bridge and the Parliament. 


Starting with 14:00-14:15 – Péter Besenyei’s aerobatic show, after 14:15-15:02 – Flying Bulls, 15:02-15:27 – MI2 helicopter and Gold Timer show, then 15:27-15:35 – the WizzAir plane is flying across


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