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The amazing transformation of an ex-Soviet stone-carrier to the coolest club

A fifteen-years-old venue, five areas, fabulous view, excellent sound system, hundreds of tv-recordings, colourful local crowd and wonderful rich programme. A38 – what is it and where does this strange name come from? And how has an ex-Soviet stone-carrier got to the Budapest riverside? Read more about the respectable history and miraculous transformation of 'Tripolie', the former Ukrainian barge.

A38 is the reincarnation of 'Tripolie', a Ukranian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968. The name comes from Artemovsk, which is the name of a ship prototype, and this one was the 38th unit of the 'Artemovsk' class. The re-building project lasted for one and a half years. Architects, ship engineers, acoustic designers, electricians, musicians and promoters contributed their skills and experience to make it an understated but elegant, for both artist and audience friendly place. After these years of shaping and arranging, the A38 Ship opened its doors on April 30th 2003—the fifteen years passed since then are slowly becoming cultural history: one of Budapest’s most prestigious places has been born, where day by day legendary masters and enthusiastic youngsters introduce in all different music styles. Where more than one and half million people attended concerts, theatre performances, gastronomic manifestations, evenings of literature, exhibitions, discussions and film-screenings since its opening. Where more hundreds of concert-recordings have been made for all different tv channels. Where live CDs and DVDs have been recorded and released. Where more than ten thousand of artists and performers have been on stage during the past years. Where every day someting new, exciting and challenging is born thanks to the effort of more dozen people—program organizers, sound and light technicians, assistants, waiters, cooks, sailors and of course artists—working here. A civil, independent and free cultural institution, where culture is understood in its broadest sense with its all riches.

The A38 tries through its guest performances, invitations, festivals to be present in all spheres where exciting, unique, authentic things are happening. It does its best to switch the Hungarian capital into the international cultural circulation. The vision is simple and obvious: to be a culturally open, exciting, vibrating place in an open, exciting and vibrating city. The A38 Ship wants to provide with an experience, make it musical, theatrical, gastronomic, literal, artistic—intellectual or sensual. Thus, A38 had become a cultural entertainment centre with international programme, restaurant, bar, concert hall, open-air terraces and lounge - all in one aboard as one of the most fascinating venues in Budapest. Since its opening it became the flagship of Budapest nightlife, a must-see spectacle on the Danube with scenic view and one of Europe's coolest clubs.

For most of our programs, doors open one hour before the (first) concert starts. You can only enter with a valid ticket containing a readable barcode. For most of the programs, only standing tickets apply. If seats are available, it is marked on the website and also on the ticket. Reservations for free programs can be made in the order of arrival for both standing and seated programs.

Text and photo: A38 


02. (Wednesday) 20:00 - A15! - Herbaliser (UK) live band - album presentation gig

The emblematic jazz-funk band of the nineties, one of the most influential on urban sound and Ninja Tune's first golden age The Herbaliser releases their new album this March. Ollie Theeba and Jake Wherry release a fresh new material after six long years so the songs of the Bring Out The Sound present the timeless sound of an epoch that still forms all music bordering with jazzy electronica and hip-hop.

Tickets: 5900 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/herbaliser-live-uk

03. (Thursday) 19:30 - Hauschka (DE)

One of the most influential and creative composers on the contemporary classic music scene is Hauschka from Germany who returns to the Ship with his latest songs from his album titled What If. As his inspired offsprings  like The Grandbrothers presented at the A38 Ship in April or Joep Beving, Volker Bertelmann is also searching the borderlines between the human being and the machine in his compositions: this relation very fragile, changing in its process and sensitive on time presents this relation in the best way on his live concerts, since this music fallible and necessary to meet in person which sounded in the acoustics of the A38 Ship will bring a life-long experince for the lovers of monothematic, border-challenging piano pieces. 

Tickets: 4900 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/hauschka-solo-de

04. (Friday) - 19:00 - A15! - Liveurope showcase - Mary Popkids, Tolstoys (SK) + Cari Cari (AT)

The A38 Ship does its best as a European cultural center and club to support the international circulation of talents at the same time contributing to the presentation of Hungarian talents abroad. As a presidential board member of the Liveurope network looking forward to the Day of Europe Mary Popkids band that has given a great gig before at the Polish Stodola club's main hall will not only return to the A38 Ship on this festive occasion but also give a special album-release concert. This showcase will feature also the Tolstoys band that already performed at the BUSH and a great talent from Austria the Cari Cari band. So if you are open-minded towards the talents of the neighboring countries and would like to know more about the leading clubs of Europe than this the place you ought to be! This program is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Tickets: 1800 HUF until 3 May, after 2400 HUF, available online:  https://www.a38.hu/en/program/mary-popkids-cari-cari-at

05. (Saturday) - 20:00 - A15! - Deluxe (FR) live band

Barely two months after the packed house gig by the Chinese Man another band of the same label, the moustache- and groove-expert Deluxe pays a visit to the A38 Ship celebrating its 15th birthday. This band melting together cosmic funk with hip-hop, French elegance with urban feel and A-list performers from the legendary IAM MC, through the formerly at the A38 performed Nneka to the guitarist legend Matthieu Chedid they will bring unique spices and make you dance.

Tickets: 3900 HUF until 4 May, after 4500 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/deluxe-fr

05. (Saturday) - 23:30 - A15! - Dope D.O.D. (NL), Red Hood Squad (DE), Palotai, Bevild, Myamo

Hollands answer to the Foreign Beggars Dope DOD surfing on the borders between dubstep, grime and current bass music returns to the A38 Ship after seven years to make an explosion of sound. Their agressive beats, cellar-deep bass-lines and well-known flow that made them an international success story will pull with them those who will be the quickest at buying their tickets for the packed house is guaranteed.

Tickets: 2990 HUF until 4 May, after 3490 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/dope-d-o-d-nl-red-hood-squad-de-myamo-hu-bevild-hu-dj-palotai

06., 13., 20., 27.  (Sunday) - 17:00 Sunday Sessions Opening: Dj Palotai

The summer season starts, therefore the open-air sunset set is back! The king and Grandmaster of the Hungarian djs will play his favourite fantastic music till all go crazy, scream and shout of joy. Joi de vivre avec Palotai!

Free admission! https://www.a38.hu/en/program/dj-palotai-35

08. (Tuesday) - 20:00 - A15! - SOHN (AT/UK)

The year 2017 was definitely The Year for SOHN, the Vienna-located electronic music producer, since his new album titled Rennen ensured his singer-songwriter position on the international rank of A-cathegory performers. On this night with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum SOHN will give his first ever show in Hungary at the A38 Ship, this one of the most actual trubadours of our time always wearing a black hat. This is the new date of the gig announced for November 8th, all tickets bought for that date are valid for this night.    

Tickets: 4500 HUF until, 7 May, after 5000 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/sohn-at-uk-1

09. (Wednesday) - 20:00- Icon for Hire (US) - Turn Your Pain Into Art Tour, Riot Child (SE)

Its the very first time that the both shining and kicking famous electronic rock duo from the USA the Icon For Hire performs in Hungary. Turn Pain Into art - this is what their tour is about, and they'll prove it with a loud and irresistable concert.  

Tickets: 3500 HUF until, 8 May, after 4500 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/icon-for-hire-us

13. (Sunday) - 20:00 -  Yo La Tengo (US)

For the first time in Budapest the American band which has repeatedly toured the world, wrote music for the Simpsons series and played the role of the Velvet Underground in "I shot Andy Warhol". film. For nearly 30 years, Yo La Tengo has been active for the first time in Budapest on the A38 Ship!

Tickets: 5500 HUF until, 12 May, after 6500 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/yo-la-tengo-us

16. (Wednesday) - 20:00- Jozef van Wissem (NL), The Devil's Trade

The "Most Famous Lute-player of the Western World" who  won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for the score of Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmush at the Cannes Film Festival returns after two great gigs for the t6hird time to the A38 Ship. The night will feature as support a great Hungarian act: The Devil's Trade.

Tickets: 2900 HUF until 15 May, after 3900 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/jozef-van-wissem-nl-the-devil-s-trade-hu

26. (Saturday) - 22:00 -Dj Vadim (UK)

Vadim Peare, known professionally as DJ Vadim, is a prolific DJ and producer born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia) and raised in London. He's also a promoter, record collector, radio presenter, occasional painter and writer, currently residing in both New York City and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, whose music combines hip hop, soul, reggae and electronica. He previously ran Jazz Fudge. His music combines hip hop, soul, reggae, and electronica. He has been described as "one of the few artists creating genuinely new work in the Hip-Hop field" and an artist who "cannot be ignored".

Open-air programme!

Tickets: 1500 HUF until 25 May, after 2000 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/dj-vadim-ru

27. (Sunday) - 20:00 - First Hate (DK)

First Hate artpop duo last year toured with massive success the clubs around Europe, Great-Britain and even China, so its about time they showed their cool synth-led songs slightly influenced by the Depeche Mode at the A38 in Budapest. What more the Danish duo after the release of their debute album titled A Prayer For The Unemployed will now be presenting a fresh single. Stay tuned!

Tickets: 1500 HUF until 25 May, after 2000 HUF, available online:https://www.a38.hu/en/program/first-hate-dk

30. (Wednesday) - 20:00 - Bob Reynolds Group

Bob Reynolds is a Grammy Award-winning tenor saxophonist known for his work with Snarky Puppy and John Mayer. He will perform with top-class musicians his compositions presenting what's the best and most up-to-date in the world of jazz today. - Bob Reynolds (Snarky Puppy, John Mayer), Ruslan Sirota (Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten), Janek Gwizdala (Pat Metheny, Mike Stern), Chaun Horton (Macy Gray)

Tickets: 7500 HUF, available online: https://www.a38.hu/en/program/bob-reynolds-group

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