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The most exciting wines in town, 10 wine bars to visit

Red, white, rose, sparkling - whichever you are opting for, Budapest has more and more wine bars popping up in the gastronomy map. Some of them carefully select from the lesser know vineyards, where a limited quantity of seasonal wines are available, simple yet heavenly creations. Others host an impressive collection of the big names, wine cellars with  a selection of full-bodied goods with a bottle from every region. Look for special events, such as Wine Mondays, where the wine is paired with seasonal menus.  If you are in town this weekend, visit Budapest City Park behind Heroes' Square between 11-13 May to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Rosalia Festival, too and welcome the upcoming summer with a few glasses of rosé or/and sparkling wine from vineyards across the country!

Oinos Wine Bar & Bistrot

The atmosphere is leisurely,  the cooking is full of Italian flavours - their thin, crispy crusted pizza is worth to try - and  the wine list is huge! Hungarian sortiment with some Italian titles as well making this place such a gem, hidden from the noise of the downtown. A great place to celebrate in a special setting or just to relax with your friends after a hard day.

Address: District 8, Rákóczi tér 7., get there easily by tram 4 or 6, metro line 4 to Rákóczi tér

Doblo Wine & Bar

Doblo Wine Bar has become a cult Budapest place, where every night you feel that anything can happen. And it happens! Regulars and random guests create a unique mix while jazz musicians jam. They offer a bottle take-away service and you get a 20% discount, check out their selection here. Tasting packages is also available, oh and don't forget their bio and artisanal items!

Address: District 7,  the corner of Dob and Holló Street, close to Gozsdu udvar

Drop Shop Wine Bar

Premium wine and champagne selection from all over the world, available by glass in the winebar and by bottle in the winestore and webshop! They are there for you to tell amazing and unbelievable stories. Why a type of wine was named Christ’s Tear? How an early riser black rooster became the symbol of one of the world’s best-known wine regions? How a Californian farmer managed to defeat the great French chateaus for the first time?

Address: District 5, Balassi B. u. 22., tram 2, 4, 6 is the best to take you there

Szalonspicc Coffee and Wine Bar

Dedicated staff, modern interior design and terrace on the pedestrian street, a must for all wine lovers! They offer all of their wines by the glass, ask for their menu with tapas, fresh sandwiches and salads. Their Vergnano coffee is known as one of the best in town.

Address: District 2, Lövőház u. 17., take metro 2 until Széll Kálmán tér or tram 4, 6, 17, 56, 59, 61

Galéria 12 Wine Bar & Gallery

Great for wine and art lovers, this place exhibits the works of local artists with the motto 'wine and pictures - pictures and wine, culture and delights - relaxation and immersion'.

Address: District 12. Hajnóczy u. 21., close to Széll Kálmán tér

Vinopiano Wine Bar

They believe that the core of handicrafts does not lie in quantity, setting a yield limit is not the only means for regulation - carefully done quality work, principles and tradition that are reflected by these craft wines are perhaps even more valuable.

Address: District 11, Bartók Béla u. 1.

Veritas Winebar

Although it has the largest and widest range of wine in the country, a 380-seat domestic and international wine selection, they almost open all of the bottles at the guest's request,  also offer take-away, plusr a constantly changing selection of 60 items to their guests.

Address: District 7, Dohány u. 58-62.

Divino Bazilika

Very central and always buzzing, a real Italian piazza feeling sans the Vespas around the fountain as the jolly crowds gathering in front of the Basilica of St Stephen. The sortiment has more than 140 wines produced by 36 winemakers under the age of 35!

Address: Szent István tér 3.,  opposite the Basilica, across the square. 


The place, where everybody is welcome. They offer a vast selection from  small Hungarian wineries, including some of their favourites. Everybody, surely not only wine experts, will find something according to their taste.

Address: District 7, Király u. 42.

St. Andrea Wine and Sky Bar

St. Andrea Wine&Skybar is a premium bar-restaurant, independent of the season, located on the rooftop of one of the most attractive buildings at Vörösmarty square. The majestic building itself, which gives home to St. Andrea Wine&Skybar, has been declared a part of World Heritage by Unesco, whilst it has also been esteemed with a number of architectural awards.

Address: Its grandiose and unique appearance is difficult to miss for anyone who is in the Váci street-Vörösmarty Square area.

+1: Judy's Wine

Located by hotel Erzsébet, but much more than a small hotel wine bar and shop. The guest is welcomed by Judit Simon  wine-maker, the name and professional leader of the place, not only with separate entrances, but with exciting, unique wine offerings and friendly prices.

Address: District 5, Károlyi u. 11, metro line 3 takes you there, just get off at Ferenciek tere

Check out: Vinometer is a cool new application, helping you to produce accurate tasting notes for business and pleasure, available  at the moment only on iOS

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