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5 brilliant newcomers for the summer

Budapest has been experiencing such a culinary boom in the recent years, new restaurants and hot spots are opening one after another and locals are quickly finding  their favourites.  Watch out for this selection of newcomers as the city will keep them busy for the summer.

La Fabbrica - a chique factory in true Italian style

The ‘factory’ where your real Southern Italian and Mediterranean courses are manufactured, with a little twist of classic Hungarian kitchen. Mediterranean atmosphere in the heart of downtown Budapest  with the sea-front, fishing scene on the raw, unplastered wall and with a small olive tree growing among the tables. Imagine a dining experience with lots of heart and culinary joy of Italy: the kitchen is in charge of a true Italian chef, the bartenders came from the cream of the profession, an open-kitchen to visually tantalise you while the dishes are being made: perfectly cooked al dente pasta, frutti di mare, plus they also claim, they can make any pizza in the world!

Where? District 5., Sas u. 8.

When? Mon-Sun: 12:00 - 00:00



Leo, your Highness

At the top of Hotel Clark and Beefbar Budapest, with the most amazing view of our gorgeous city hides the newest rooftop garden and cocktail bar with a real personality. "I am coming from a large and highly sophisticated family, but if I am honest I was always the black sheep around. Nothing serious - of course, I mean from my part.  I am eager to swim against the flow and to do what others may not even dream or think of trying. I love to travel, get to know other cultures and people from all around the world. I love to eat…oh my God all those amazing flavours and colors of the world. If there’s food, there have to be drinks. Cocktails, wines, bubbles, champagne - I can handle them all, just make sure I have some friends around - being alone is not that fun - you know what I mean, right?!" You will definitely roar with joy if you check their menu here!

Where? District 1., Clark Ádám tér 1.

When? Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 00:00



Biang Bistro - the Asian Big Brother hits Vámház ringroad

Master Wang followed the path of his grandparents to become a professional cook and refined his talent in the best restaurants of Beijing. He believes that he can give an insight into the mysteries of the five thousand year old Chinese cuisine on a theoretical and practical level. He considers cooking an art that he promotes in his restaurant, Master Wang’s Chinese Kitchen, as well as during several events. Luckily he opened his new bistro closer to the downtown, nearby to the Central Market - easy-peasy to get there by tram 2 and a few minutes walk from Fővám tér or M3 (blue line) M4 (green line) stopping at Kálvin Square, tram 47/49 also takes you to the Asian culinary wonderland.

English menu here

Where? District 9., Vámház krt. 7.

When? Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 21:00

A bowl of goodness under the sun  in Buda

Buda Bowl finally opens its doors to Budapest's coolest beach spot, Matiné Napozó. Soak up the summer vibes and sit poolside with a selection of delicious, healthy smoothies and Buddha bowls. The ideas were born in Bali, the chef is from Nepal, the colourful, international team proudly brings you exciting flavours from all over the world and set lovingly in a budabowl!

Where? Buda Bowl is c/o Matiné Napozó which is a sun&swim hideaway, District 12., Konkoly-Thege Miklós u. 21

When? Fri - Tue: 12:00 - 20:00 ,Wed: closed, Thu: 15:00 - 20:00


18+ and less - makes you drunk in love

What would be better in the summer heat than sipping on a refreshing icy cocktail? Maybe a scoop of Mojito, Aperol Spritz, Jack Daniel's, Ouzo or the Hungaricum: the Unicum Plum? Alcohol and ice-ccream is a match made in heaven, the 18 different boozy ice-creams are made from the finest quality alcohols in the middle of the nightlife area.  Five litres of ice cream bears an adult amount of half a litre of alcoholic beverage, therefore we recommend you to take a cab after you enjoyed your adult treats.

Where? District 7., Akácfa utca 27.

When? Sun - Wed: 12:00 - 22:00, Thu - Sat: 12:00 - 02:00

Cover photo: Pixabay

Photos in the galleries are from the Facebooks pages of  La Fabbrica, Leo, Biang Bistro, Buda Bowl, 18+ and less


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