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From sustainable urban creatures to monumental festival spaces, introducing Hello Wood

Hello Wood Studio is an independent, international educational platform in design and architecture, they teach us via their creations to think with our hands, and learn through experience. But what makes Hello Wood? We have looked behind the brand as their recent project, the Pop Up Park in Deák Square is not only unique and fits the contemporary scene, but sustainable and therefore fast-forward, plus could be featured in any city due to its chic design. (Check out while the installation is out!)

Hello Wood in its function and assemble, is a combination of several traditional events. You can find the typical elements of architecture camps, art workshops, conferences, and professional symposia in it, as well as those of organised events, concerts, lectures, and performances; thanks to which, Hello Wood also reminds us of a festival. By the balancing and appropriate positioning of the elements of these two major groups, Hello Wood becomes an event, which offers an opportunity for professional development and networking at the same time.

All projects are developed and built in a collaborative process. Teams of students from various fields, nationalities and institutions and are lead by accomplished practicing professionals and academics. Their concepts are shared, developed and realised in an intense team effort, by working predominantly with wood to design high quality, durable and striking installations that range from smaller stalls to rent, to 1000 m2 festival spaces, all custom-made for the specific context.

They treat design and realisation as two equally important parts of their creative process, following through each project from the original idea to the final touches of construction. This is to ensure their aspirations for high standards, despite the projects’ temporary nature as well as striving to create projects through a socially aware approach to design that considers and focuses on the importance of the sourcing, the afterlife and the donation aspect of each created object. The typically temporal and mobile installations appear at major European festivals and events, working together with such partners as the Sziget Festival, the Palace of Arts Budapest and the Design Week Budapest. The studio can be seen as a sibling to the camps since all of the works are centered on social responsibility, designing for a life cycle, and the relation between community and architecture.

The coolest pop-up restaurants of the summer opened on the 10th of May at Costes Beach Club welcoming all the townspeople with Caribbean atmosphere nearby the city, close to Budapest. www.costesbeachclub.hu  After pop-up restaurants a new challenge was also on at the same time: Urban Surf! Construction in Zürich started in April, where the Team of Urbansurf Zürich had a vision of surfing in an urban environment. Hello Wood's architects designed an impressive surf-oasis symbolically surrounded and hidden by cliffs, a, construction of a 150-square-meter building. If you are in Zürich you should give a try to the urban surf: urbansurf.ch

Photo courtesy of www.hellowood.eu

The Hello Wood International Summer School is happening right now to make sure a new generation is gathering with such views and  putting the spotlight on CABINs this year. These tiny houses offering a great opportunity to discuss infinite aspects of housing from urban densification to the migration phenomena. Seven fantastic workshop leaders have been selected to create this year's summer school projects. This is a life-changing opportunity for architecture students to think, learn and build together in a community under the guidance of professional architects.

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