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Enjoy freedom on two wheels: introducing MOL Bubi, the capital’s bike-sharing service

Budapest’s public bike-sharing system is a great way to travel around the city – and the first half an hour of each ride is free! Unlock a bike and get riding today: it is faster than walking and cheaper than a cab, plus you can discover the amazing sights of Budapest!

  • You can hire bikes using Budapest’s public bike-sharing system, MOL Bubi.
  • There are currently 126 docking stations and 1,526 public bikes available for use all over the city.
  • It costs 500 HUF to access the system  for 24 hours: the first 30 minutes of each journey is free.
  • For continuous use over 30 minutes, an overuse fee of 500 HUF is charged for each additional 30 minutes.
  • Bikecan be picked up using a bank card at the touchscreen terminals of the docking stations, via the website or using the official MOL Bubi app.

The scheme includes the Buda side, so you can saddle up anywhere downtown cross a bridge to Batthyány Square, or start at Clark Ádám Square in Buda and finish at Fővám Square in Pest. When planning your journey, make sure to check online whether there are bicycles available at the station of your choice, where the nearest docking station is and if your destination is within 30 minutes by bike. For example, to get started, you can buy a 500 HUF access for 24 hours, ride the bike for 25 minutes in the city center  and return  the bike to one of the stations in District 5. Later the same day, you pick up another bike and ride for  about 20 minutes to Margaret bridge and return the bike at nearby Jászai Mari Square. The first 30 minutes of each journey is free so if you make sure that you dock back each bike before the 30 minutes are up and pick up a new one to continue your trip, you can ride free all day with a 500 HUF ticket.

The MOL Bubi bikes are available for pickup at any of the docking station terminals – just touch the screen and follow the instructions to begin.

Getting started is easy – simply hire a bike, ride it where you like, then return it to any of the docking stations across the city.

In possession of a valid ticket or pass, you can use the system free of charge for up to 30 minutes per hire. Please always double check that the bike is securely docked and it cannot be removed by trying to pull it out. This is essential, otherwise the system will not detect that you stopped using the bike and it will continue to count usage time/fees. For continuous rides over 30 minutes, extra usage fees apply, which gradually increase depending on the period of use!

System access fees: 500 HUF / 24 hrs, 1000 HUF / 72 hrs, 2000 HUF / 7 days. For more info, please visit: https://molbubi.bkk.hu/dijszabas.php

Please note: When purchasing a ticket, a deposit of 25,000 HUF per bike is blocked in your bank account. When the validity period of the ticket expires – after 24 or 72 hours or one week (168 hours), respectively – payment is settled and the fee of the purchased ticket, the usage fee for rides over 30 minutes are deducted from the deposit. In case you requested a VAT invoice, the postal fee will also be deducted. Unblocking of the deposit will take place – depending on the procedures of the issuing card company and your bank – within 4-15 banking days after the expiration of the validity period of your ticket. 

The MOL Bubi system can also be used with either your registered mobile phone number along with the 6-digit PIN-code, or with the help of the MOL Bubi mobile app. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport does not provide user insurance coverage for general passenger liability for accidents or third-party liability. Customers are advised to get private insurance. Most bankcards include some type of insurance and also household insurance policies contain liability coverage. 

Get familiar with the Hungarian cycling rules with the help of this useful Cycling Knowledge Base before you enter traffic.

Have a safe ride and enjoy exploring Budapest on two wheels! For more info, please visit molbubi.bkk.hu

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