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Urban Heroes among us

Our lives, work and everyday life are inevitably linked to urban environments where the built environment, the streets and facades, shapes and colors make a significant contribution to our day-to-day mood. On the walls of the bigger cities in Hungary, a long delayed graffiti culture emerged - and still dubiously accentuated - with more and more figurative or abstract, but very characteristic street art works . We are talking about a fundamentally and socially sensitive genre whose manifestations are mostly illegal, anti-capitalist and pacifist, system critical messages and often show grotesque social sensitivity. OTT, explicit, even alpar ... because its creator can do this, there is no need to hinder the toolbox and the language of the gallery, museum or customer, coz you just do not want to give up working. Western European trends of the last decades show a kind of canonization of the genre, making the works by legal means, without losing their power on the walls of museums and often in the contemporary art of auctioneers. For example, the London-based Bonhams auction house held the world's first thematic urban art auction in 2008, where 99% of the works were sold. Exciting murals appear on Budapest's bare, torn-down firewalls, which are often the result of the illegal work of the artists.. These urban heroes make our everyday lives more colourful, they spread a smile on our faces with their creations, their cheeky expression is liberating and if we want to, we can live with "them" in our home. With the "Urban Heroes" exhibition, the aim of the Blitz Gallery is to give a comprehensive picture of the urban art scene in Hungary, giving way to the heavily systemic thrash works, the finer decorative works and the images of the graffiti.

Exhibiting artists: 1000% group, Tamás Bakó, Baranyai b. András, Coke, Gyarmati Zsolt, HOEK, iamsuzie, isuzu, Jakócs Dorka, Petyka, Stark Attila, VOID

Opening: September 6, 2018, 19:00

The exhibition can be visited: September 6-21, 2018. (Monday - Friday from 11:00 to 18:00)

Curator: Noémi Nádudvari - Noémi is a great contributor towards the urban street art scene, you can meet her at the Colourful City Group's street art tours held once a month. http://guideme.hu/2018/07/04/street-art-mission-is-bringing-the-joy-of-life-to-the-city/

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