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Wallet-friendly prices: we are the cheapest city in the CE region according to UBS Bank

The Hungarian index.hu website compared the data of the neighbouring and Western-European big cities to Budapest using the database of the Swiss UBS bank, which collected typical prices and salaries from 77 big cities of the world. You can find the whole report on Global Cities Ranking HERE.

Life is more expensive in Western-European cities than in Budapest. UBS collected the price of many goods and services like clothes, electronic gadgets, food and public transport. According to their findings, Budapest is the cheapest city in Central-Europe even though it was the most expensive in 2015. Now, the most expensive cities of the region are Ljubljana (Slovenia), Prague and, Bratislava.

In detail, to maintain a newly built flat with two or three bedrooms is 4 times more expensive in Paris, 3.7 times more expensive in London and 1.5 times more expensive in Vienna and Berlin than in Budapest where it costs only 693 dollars. However, providing food for a family of three is much more expensive in Budapest than in any of the neighbouring countries. According to UBS, this expenditure is 305 dollars in Budapest every month, and this sum is only higher in Ljubljana. In Warsaw; however, this is 255 dollars, in Bucharest 214 dollars while in London 388 dollars, in Vienna and Paris 420 and, in Copenhagen 500 dollars.

Source: dailynewshungary via index.hu, Photo: 123rf.com

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