The Spirit of Budapest Bread

Budapest bakeries are now, without a doubt, in the midst of a renaissance. Up until just a few years ago, the baker was a kind of early bird who stocked shop shelves up with fresh bread or rolls. Meanwhile, many of today’s bakers – and their products – have become renowned gastronomic celebrities. Today as it stands, the kind of flour used, or the percentage of rye or spelt it contains are not unimportant factors. Blueberry, pumpkin seed and leavened bread have now come into being, not to mention all of the pastries. Is there anyone who still craves a chocolate roll which indeed contains heavenly cocoa powder, but you don’t know until you got through its sides to the middle?! Chocolate rolls today are, “good all the way through” – or simply, there is no longer a difference between the edge and the center for the year 2017.

But how does a newcomer to Budapest find these amazing indulgences?! These delicacies cannot be found near the sights along pedestrian streets, nor up at the Buda castle, they must sought out to be found. This article will help you find your way to these crispy treasures. 


The head baker at this artisan bakery, József Vajda, aka Józsi the Baker, also happens to be the biggest and most open-minded bread enthusiast. He successfully built up his business, Pékműhely, confidently despite controversy, not only at the centrally located Batthyány utca 24, but also near Mammut 2 on Lövőház utca at Szerelmes Levél. We highly recommend the first location for morning shopping and the second for a hearty breakfast. 

Don’t forget to try the jalapeño and cheese crescent rolls and the homemade bread.


The Három Tarka Macska recently opened its doors in the heart of the thirteenth district at Pozsonyi utca 41. The modern Nordic interior design, French bakery and its truly family-friendly atmosphere makes it the type of place where you feel like a regular even on your first visit. If you happen to be in the area, you should get in as early as possible, since hungry locals plunder the place barren by 10 a.m. – although they do stock up again with most goods by the afternoon. Don’t forget to taste their outstanding coffee and their 3 types of delicious omelettes. 

Please also try their elf-cap-shaped unleavened bread (kovászos manósapka) and the “good all the way through” chocolate roll pastry (kakaós csiga).


You can find this unique and tiny bakery hidden in the maelstrom of Király utca. It is also the residence of Szabolcs Szabadfi, baker extraordinaire, the Panificio il Basilico. This brilliant spot can be found within the passage way of Király utca 8-10. Inside, you can grab a pizza, hamburgers, hearty breakfasts and/or lunch aside from the homemade baked goods. As its name entails, all of their products are of the Italian school, or in other words, preservative-free, all-natural and hand-crafted. 

Don’t forget to try their foccacia or piglet-shaped rolls (malacos zsemle).

Photo: Pixabay

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