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Where it’s worth resting for a few minutes – the most beautiful parks in Budapest

The bustling downtown area, the atmospheric Várnegyed and the sunlit Danube bank all offer numerous experiences to visitors in Budapest. But if you’re tired of sightseeing or souvenir-shopping, it’s worthwhile to rest for a short while in one of the capital’s quiet parks and enjoy some joyful moments of contemplation.

Margaret Island, the capital’s biggest and most beautiful park, is among the most important attractions in every guidebook about Budapest. Whether you long for active recreation or would like to experience being close to nature for a short while, the huge park – considered one of Europe’s best – is an excellent choice, where you can have plenty of experiences, from a rose garden to a petting zoo. And there’s more! In the green heart of the city, the enchanting venue of the Budapest Summer Festival, the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage lures visitors with its summer evening performances. If you’ve already admired the Parliament, just a few hundred meters away you can enjoy your well-earned rest under the trees of Szabadság square. The large green area is a paradise for dog walkers from the downtown area, where your four-legged friends can run around carefree, and families enjoy exciting Frisbee battles with each other, too. However, if you prefer somewhat quieter contemplation, you’ll surely find tranquillity sitting on a bench in the intimate squares of the park, enclosed by hedges.

Szent István park in the 13th district is also a great place to relax. Whether you’d like to take a walk under the trees, or admire the Margaret Island view, the green area along the Danube bank is a good choice. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of excellent cafés and restaurants near the park. A dog park awaits dog owners here, too.

The renewed and renovated Hunyadi square has been the locals’ favourite place for many years. Taking a short walk before or after going to the market, or just popping in for a good coffee, is an almost mandatory program for those who go there on weekends. Mostly when the weather turns good, as the sounds of great concerts can be heard from the charming music pavilion.

The Károlyi garden is perhaps one of the most beautiful gems in the bustling downtown area. You can enjoy nature’s sounds, birdsong and tranquillity a few meters away from the busy Kiskörút, sitting under shady trees. The park, previously owned the Károlyi family, was declared a public garden in 1932, and since then anyone can rest along the flower gardens and small paths.

Fewer people know it, but Mechwart grove, selected as the country’s most beautiful main square in 2013, is only a couple steps away from the line 4-6 tram stop. The charming square with a terrace design is made truly special by a fountain, a playground and a well-kept park.

Believe us, it’s worth interrupting your fast-paced everyday lives, exploring the capital’s many wonderful parks, and spending some time in the shadow of the trees either with a good book, a laptop or even just in the company of your thoughts.

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