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A week full of gastronomy delights, don’t miss it!

In many top restaurants in Budapest and in the countryside of Hungary a 3-course exclusive menu is available from the 8th until 14th October, for a uniform-fixed price.

Half of the participant restaurants offer their menus for only 3.300 HUF (appr. €11) and the other half offer premium menus for 4.900 HUF (appr. €16). Service charge is always included in the menu price. Restaurants who serve premium menus are marked with a red “DiningCity Star” icon, you can find this icon on the restaurant-list page of the Restaurant Week website. Icon-wise you can find the little green twig as well as most restaurants are offering vegetarian options.

Bookings for the Restaurant Week can only be made through www.etteremhet.hu and all reservations take place in real time and are automatically approved. This means no long phone calls or waiting for confirmation. You can see if a restaurant has seats available at a glance and the written confirmation follows by e-mail immediately after the reservation.

  • Hungarian with a twist: Pesti Disznó, Urban Betyár, Pörc & Prézli
  • Historical heritage: Café Astoria, Gellért, Halászbástya
  • World cuisine: Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Indigo Indian Restaurant, Krizia, Matrjoska Khroska
  • Waterside: Columbus ship, Fortuna Boat, Hemingway
  • Jewish fusion: Fülemüle, Spinoza Café, Macesz Bisztro
  • Family gathering: Remiz, Budai Gesztenyés



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