See the city in its full splendour

Most of us marvel at the beauty of Budapest day after day. Yet, the city is undoubtedly at its most magical when you look at it from above, taking in the spires of the Houses of Parliament, the bridges spanning the River Danube, the majestic buildings of Buda Castle and the green expanse of Margaret Island all in one glimpse.

The Buda side of the city offers lots of great spots for enjoying the best parts of the skyline from above. A favourite with tourists and something of a must-see destination, the Citadel can be reached on foot from Gellért Square or the Buda end of Erzsébet Bridge. The demanding hike is more than compensated for by the breathtaking panorama that awaits on the top.

For those who would rather not hike during their city holiday, the Castle of Buda is the perfect destination. The view is just spectacular looking down from either the Fisherman’s Bastion or the courtyard of the Royal Palace. To get to Buda Castle, you can take the cogwheel railway from Clark Ádám Square, but it might be worth hopping on the electric minibus running uphill through the small, winding streets covered in cobblestone, the most beautiful route through the Castle area. Last but not least, this environment-friendly journey comes free with your Budapest Card.

The same applies to the Zugliget Chairlift (Libegő). A favourite weekend destination for residents of Budapest, the chairlift cuts through more than one kilometer of wonderful woodland. It takes you to János Hill, and from there it’s only a short and pleasant stroll to the Erzsébet observatory and its stunning panorama.

János Hill is also accessible by bike, and so is Normafa. The team at Bike&Relax offers bicycle tours in English and German, using the most recent KTM Cross bikes to lead you through the forest paths. If you have your Budapest Card with you, there is a 25 % discount on the price of the bike tours.

Top tip: For those who would like to take the most beautiful night photos of Budapest, it is best to head to Margit Bridge after dusk. From the middle of the bridge you’ll have the most picturesque view of the brightly lit Houses of Parliament, Buda Castle, and Gellért Hill.

No matter which destination you chose, one thing is for sure: your friends will love the photos you take there.

Photo: Pixabay

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