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St. Martin’s Day brings the perfect gastro pairing

November 11th marks a traditional feast day of the year in Hungary – St. Martin’s Day – which is celebrated by tasting the new wine and eating geese. Due to this perfect gastro pairing, throughout the month, many restaurants offer special St. Martin’s Day menus and dishes and winemakers proudly show off their first new wines.

This date is roughly around the time when the young geese of the year has grown big and mature enough to be slaughtered and also fall in line with the time when the season’s first new wines are opened. This is probably the reason why several wine traditions are also part of the St. Martin’s Day celebrations and why he is also known as ‘the judge of new wine’, when the new wine is ready to be drunk.

There are plenty of events and activities held throughout Budapest and Hungary to mark the annual St. Martin’s Day celebrations. The special St. Martin’s Day menu includes a traditional dish like roasted goose leg with steamed red cabbage, roasted goose liver or smoked goose breast, goose cracklings, goose liver terrine with pear, oven baked goose wings and cholent.

The annual goose & wine themed cultural festival is always held at Vajdahunyad Castle, featuring a variety of goose dishes accompanied by the season’s first new wines. Live music, folk dance shows and kids programs accompany the event, also homemade products can be purchased at the Artisan Fair, located in the courtyard.

These restaurants usually offer a special menu during the St. Martin’s Day festivities in Budapest: Borkonyha, Bock Bistro, Café Kör, Fülemüle, Rosenstein, Macesz Huszár,  21 Restaurant, Náncsi néni.

Also worth visiting the Centennial Martin’s Day Wine Festival at Hotel Gellért, not only Hungary’s iconic hotel celebrates its centenary; but the popular and exciting wine festival will bring a lively bustle to the historic venue and festival-goers can enjoy unlimited tasting of excellent wines in breath-taking settings on an area of around 3000 square meters. More info: http://www.borfesztivalgellert.hu/en/

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