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The hop-on-hop-off wine adventure, don’t miss the Budafok Winery Tour!

On the first Saturday of every month, the Budafok Winery Tour – aka Pincejárat in Hungarian – is taking you to a unique, hop-on-hop-off journey visiting several wine cellars and getting familiar with the local cultural heritage. Budafok – as often called “Budapest’s wine district”- can be easily accessed with a direct bus service running from downtown dedicated to this event. You can taste the amazing Törley champagne and several fine wine sortiments in the open cellars and enjoy cultural programs. This year, new locations, wine tastings, exhibitions and music programs are making the winter vibes of the early November unforgettable.

Budafok is the twenty-second district of Budapest and famous for its 100km long underground labyrinth with several 5 meter high passages formed 250-300 years ago as parts of a quarry. Stones excavated here were used for buildings in Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. Not long after the stone excavation had been ceased, wine-growers and wine-makers started to use these cellars which had a constant temperature of 11-12 C all the year round. Today, approximately 30-40km of the underground passages are being used for storing wine. You can find wines here from all the 22 wine-regions of Hungary!

On the 3rd of November the main theme will be the Romani National Day, expect some traditional music throughout the afternoon lasting ’til the evening at Katona Winery, Seybold-Garab Cellar, Magdolna Wine Club and Event Hall, Várszegi Cellar adding a vivid atmosphere while you are sipping your wine. At Záborszky Cellar, you can go behind the gastro scene and learn all the details about the goose regarding the upcoming Saint Martin’s Day. For on the spot entertainment an improvisation theater with wine tasting will also be featured, to tickle your brain between the wine sortiment try your knowledge at a cellar quiz (for 2-6 pax groups) you can win 4 VIP Wine Cellar Tour tickets! For the detailed schedule click HERE.

The November tour introduces three new restaurants beside Borköltők Restaurant: Vasmacska Restaurant, Promontor Restaurant and Istvántanya Inn with a discount of 10%.

Departures from Budapest (Blaha Lujza tér, outdoor parking area): every 30 minutes between 13:30 and 20:30.
Departures from Budafok (in front of Borköltők Társasága restaurant): every hour between 14:25 and 21:22.

  • Upcoming dates 2018. november 3., december 1.
  • 2019. march. 2., april 6., may 4., june 1., july 6., august 3. october. 5., november 2., december 7.

The price of the daily ticket bought online is HUF 1000, and HUF 1200 when purchased on the bus. The ticket entitles the passengers to unlimited travel on the shuttle operating between Blaha Lujza tér and Budafok Wineries, as well as purchasing discounted tickets to certain locations. For the timetable click HERE.

Photo credits: cover photo/123rf.com, photo gallery/www.pincejarat.hu 

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