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Hungarian wine: tasting trips with essential tips

The yearly wine production of Hungary is about 4.2 million hl, produced in the 22 historical wine regions like Tokaj, Villány, Eger, Szekszárd and Balaton. For wine tasters who are unfamiliar with the Hungarian region, choosing an introductory tour is the best way to ensure a well-rounded trip. The local hosts are experienced in the best of the best; as we, Hungarians are well proud of our region and excited to share its history, culture, and award-winning wines. Get a taste of fine Hungarian wines in the first, hippest and at the same time one of the best wine bars in the city. The bar opened in 2009 and was often mentioned in the New York Times and also a favourite hidden spot of the Hollywood movie stars while shooting in Budapest!

What you can expect on these tours: a great atmosphere, top wines carefully selected by the owner, qualified staff with sommelier skills. You can also sample wine assortments from 40 small and medium sized wineries, the selection is changing in every 3-4 months as these wines are not mass-produced. Pairing the flavours with delicious entrees is also important, expect some fingerfood during the sessions. Please note, the measurements of the tastings are 1 dl/wine, 0.5 dl/dessert wine.

TOP OF TOKAJ: Explore the best kept secret of the old-wine world, you will taste 5 different wines from the world famous Tokaj Region, accompanied by some finger food – cheese, ham, pickles with bread. This tour is available for a group of min 4 persons and lasts 2 hours. For more information and booking click HERE

HUNGARIAN MINI: Even if you are in Budapest just for a short visit, you can still get to know the signature notes and flavours in 1 hour! In this tour you will taste 4 wines from 4 different regions, accompanied by some finger food – cheese, ham, pickles with bread. For more information and booking click HERE

HELLO TOURIST: Enjoy an intimate 2 hours with 6 wines from different wine regions of Hungary, accompanied by some finger food – cheese, ham, pickles with bread. You will sample some big players:  olaszrizling, furmint, zweigelt rosé, bikavér, Tokaj aszú… For more information and booking click HERE

8-WINE HUNGARIAN EXTRA: Fancy the all in? 8 wines, reds, whites, rosé and aszú, crispy acids, tasty tannins, elegant bodies, accompanied by some finger food – cheese, ham, pickles with bread. For more information and booking click HERE

Do you fancy to explore more while you are in Budapest? Are you culinary curious or a passionate foodie? Check out the awesome site of Nellicious Travels for guided tours and personalized tours by local hosts. You can also book private and exclusive outings and excursions! https://nellicioustravels.com/

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