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The Hungarian fiery water: all the myths about the pálinka!

Pálinka, the traditional fruit brandy is made with plums, apricots, cherries and typically served at room temperature as the joy of drinking for its fragrance and flavour. Making pálinka is considered an art in Hungary, drunk out of a small, tulip-shaped glass and can be taken before or after a meal as a digestiv.  In 2002 it was recognised by the EU as a Hungaricum – an alcoholic drink, distilled from fruits, with an alcohol content of a minimum 37.5%.

What you can expect on the tour: a great atmosphere, pálinka assortment carefully selected by the owner, qualified staff with sommelier skills. Pairing the flavours with delicious entrees is also important, expect some fingerfood during the sessions. Please note, the measurements of the tastings are 2 cl/pálinka. It might burn your throat: don’t worry, that’s normal.

GREAT PÁLINKA TASTING: the koshers: plum, apricot & pear and the Irsai grape, red currant, cherry, quince, plum, pear are considered the most common flavours, but also the finest ones as some eccentric people even make it from vegetables (like asparagus). On this tour you will use all your senses to get to know our fiery water. You need to aerate it for a while as they will release their real flavour only after a few minutes after pouring. The tulip-shaped glasses with the wide-mouthed walls will help you enjoy the aroma of the pálinka even more when you sniff into it. Enjoy the scent, take a deep breath, take small sips, enjoy all that a pálinka can give you. Remember, it will do no good to the pálinka if you swirl it in the glass or if you serve it chilled. For more information and booking click HERE.

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