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You are still not too late: why your New Year’s resolution has to be a visit to Budapest?

If your last New Year’s resolution was to visit somewhere surprising, fun and incredible and you may have missed to fulfill it, now is the time to make it happen!  Holiday season is fast approaching, so follow you inner sense and start looking for new adventures with a desire to discover new places. We definitely recommend you to come to Budapest, so don’t hesitate, book your flight!

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Enjoy the view of Budapest

Breathtaking views of the city and the Danube can be appreciated from several points in the Buda Hills. The most amazing is that from Gellért Hill, but the views from Buda Castle are also pretty spectacular.

Visit one of the most beautiful parliaments in Europe

The beauty of the fascinating neo-gothic Hungarian Parliament on the bank of the Danube River can be appreciated from either close or the other side of the river. When you visit Budapest, it is also worth dedicating some time to visit the interior. The Assembly Hall is simply marvelous, it’s quite often said in Hungary that we wish our politicians deserved this beautiful working place. By the way, the Hungarian crown jewels can also be found in the Parliament building.

Visit Budapest’s Royal Palace

There’s no building that represents better the turbulent history of Hungary than the neo-baroque palace on top of the Castle Hill. Occupied and destroyed several times, now it’s the heart of the Budapest World Heritage Site.

Take the best budget sight-seeing ride on Tram Number 2

When you visit Budapest for the first time, if you want to enjoy perfect views of the Buda Hills and the Danube, there’s no better option than taking this tram, which was chosen to be one of the 10 most amazing tram routes of the world, and it is available using a normal public transport ticket. An amazing deal!

Enjoy one of the many thermal baths of the city

Amongst the major attractions of the city we find the thermal baths, and the city is addressed with the title “City of Spas” amongst the visitors. There are as much as 15 public thermal baths in the city, most of them in beautiful buildings like the Hotel Gellért or the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. What I find the most amazing thing to do in Budapest is to try the exterior part of these spas in winter, when the thermal baths are surrounded by a vapor cloud because of the freezing temperatures.

Visit the unique Matthias Church

The neo-gothic Matthias Church that served as a wedding church in the glorious era of King Matthias is well worth a visit both from the outside and on the inside. The peculiar coloured roofs and interior decorated with artistic glass walls and beautiful frescoes all contribute to the charming character of the building.

Travel back in history taking a ride on the first underground line of the continent

Another trip back to the 19th century, which only costs you a single metro ticket, is taking a ride on the Yellow Underground Line (Line 1). The UNESCO World Heritage metro line, which the locals simply refer to as “the underground”, has been operative since 1896, and is the oldest underground of continental Europe (it was opened a few years after the metro in London).

Enjoy the atmosphere of Budapest’s many famous markets

If you want an immersion into local culture, when you visit Budapest, a great way is to visit one of the many markets of the city. The Central Market Hall with its beautiful building is probably the most frequented one amongst tourists, and although there is a quite extensive part that sells Hungarian souvenirs, most of the market still serves as a local market.

Imagine yourself as one of the Hungarian revolutionaries of 1848 on the steps of the National Museum

The neoclassical Hungarian National Museum, which is the main museum of Hungarian history, is mostly remembered for its role in the Hungarian revolution of 1848-49. On 15th March 1848 the 12 points were read on the steps of the museum, which was the first act of the revolution against the Habsburg Empire. The museum has become a symbol of our national identity, so if you close your eyes, you might imagine yourself in the middle of a revolutionary march.

Hop on a boat for a river cruise on the Danube

The Danube literally cuts Budapest in half, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the possibility of seeing the most fascinating sights from the river itself? Hence, one of the things to do in Budapest that I can really recommend you is hopping on a boat, and enjoying Budapest from the Danube. Since quite recently there has been boats integrated into the public transport network, which represent the most budget option. However, if you fancy, you can also opt for different kinds of river cruises, and you can even have a romantic dinner or party on one of the available cruises.

Visit the largest synagogue in Europe and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere of the Jewish Quarter 

The Dohány Street Synagogue is situated in the heart of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest. This impressive synagogue is known to be the largest one in Europe. The neighborhood around is one of the most vibrant ones in the city with dozens of bars (some of them in building ruins), which provide a really cool atmosphere, especially in summer, when the terraces are filled with people. Who hasn’t heard about the Szimpla, one of the favorite bars of European travelers.

Watch an opera concert in one of Europe’s most prestigious opera houses

The Hungarian State Opera House, one of the gems of the neo-renaissance architecture of the Austria-Hungary era is a beautiful building and it’s worth taking a guided tour to visit the concert hall, even if you can’t get to attend an actual performance. When you visit Budapest, if you feel attraction to this genre, don’t miss out on attending an opera here, since the acoustics of the building is considered one of the best ones in the world and the program is really top class.  Currently the building is undergoing extensive restoration and modernisation, until its reopening in 2020, the performances can be seen at Erkel Theatre, the second venue of the Hungarian State Opera.

On a sunny day, go for a picnic to Margaret Island!

There are certain historic monuments or activities that you can skip when you visit Budapest, but spending some time on Margaret Island should be really on the top of your list of things to do in Budapest. It is easily accessible by tram, there are some interesting medieval ruins on the island, facilities to do sport, bars to have a drink in one of the terraces, but the best thing to do is to find a spot on one of the green areas and enjoy a picnic there.

Walk along Andrássy Avenue and meet the Hungarian kings on Heroes’ Square

Andrássy Avenue is another one of Budapest’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which features beautiful mansions on both sides (many of them foreign embassies nowadays) along with fancy restaurants, cafés and luxury shops. The avenue leads you to the magnificent Heroes’ Square, where you can find the Millennium Memorial built for the 1000 year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin. The monument features statues of the most important personalities of Hungarian history, many kings amongst them. For art lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts situated on one side of the square also deserves some time, the Spanish collection with paintings of Goya and Velazquez is especially attractive.

Photo: Pixabay

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