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7 clever tips with contacts for travellers in case of emergency

The general public security situation in Budapest is said to be good on an international average. All the same, it is better if you are prepared for certain typical situations so that you do not end up feeling cheated or robbed.


1.) In general the tourist’s wallet is in danger, whichever city you visit, so it is advisable when using public transport, at railway stations, at shopping centres, markets or any other busy area where people are jostling around to pay extra attention to wallets, purses and bags, as pick-pockets prefer these places. There are certain “trends”, beware if someone is approaching you with: asking for your phone to call someone in emergency / asking you for some money and showing you a prescription for some medicine / approaching you while parking, etc.


2.) Taxis are best ordered by phone and not hailed in the street or use their app (City Taxi, 6×6, Taxi4, Budapest Taxi, Bolt (Taxify) already has their’s); therefore there is no chance that you will pick up the one or two ‘private taxis’ who charge outrageous fares. Download the apps from the iOS or Google Play stores.


3.) Always request a menu showing all the prices before choosing which restaurant to eat at. This way you can rule out any unpleasantness caused by overcharging.


4.) Never get mixed up in changing money or gambling on the street. Besides both being illegal, you are very likely to lose most or all of your money in these schemes. Carry documents, money and credit cards in a closed, inner pocket, and don’t carry a lot of cash around town. Never leave valuables in your car.


5.) Calling the ambulance, the police, the fire service and the general emergency number (112) are free of charge. Should you need medical assistance Budapest, the best option is to call Falck’s 24-hour English-speaking hotline; they are very helpful and informative, and they can get you a doctor that speaks your language, or at least English.


6.) The Hungarian police also has a number for foreigners to call („Tourist Police”). This 24-hour hot-line was set up specifically to help English-language speakers report crime. The office is based at V. Vigado utca 4.


7.) There are emergency pharmacies, roughly one in every district. If a pharmacy is closed it will have a note with the address of the nearest open pharmacy. Teréz Gyógyszertár is in the downtown District 6., Teréz körút 41.


Important phone numbers:

  • Ambulance: 104
  • Police: 107
  • Fire service: 105
  • Central help number: 112
  • FirstMed Centers (English speaking medical care, 24 hours a day): +36 1 224 9090
  • Falck SOS Hungary:+36 1 200 0100
  • SOS Dental Service: +36 1 267 9602
  • 0-24 Pharmacy: Teréz Gyógyszertár – 1067 Budapest, Teréz körút 41. +361 311-4439
  • Auto club help number: 188
  • Speaking clock: 180
  • Tourist Police (0-24): +36 1 438 8080
  • Budapest Airport Zrt. (flight information) : +36 90 181 818
  • Information about local and international trains: MÁVDIREKT +36 1 3 49 49 49

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