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Join us for a historical and scenic tour of the ‘Cradle of Hungary’! We will take a ride to Esztergom and Visegrád, the former royal towns of Hungary, then finish the tour in Szentendre, the picturesque Artists‘ village.

Esztergom and Visegrád are known as the ‘royal towns’ as the medieval kings of Hungary used their castles and fortresses as their residences. The first stop is Esztergom. The Hungarian chieftain Géza chose this town in the 10-th century.  Saint Stephen, the first Hungarian king was born here and Esztergom remained the royal residence until the 13th century. Since that time, it has been the primatial seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary.

The most picturesque building of the town is the Cathedral, which is the largest Roman Catholic  church in Hungary and it is located on the Castle Hill. In the Cathedral you can see the Bakócz Chapel which is the most precious renaissance monument of Hungary. From the terrace of the hill you can take in the wonderful view of the Danube, the Archbishop’s palace, and walking around you can enjoy the panorama of Esztergom.

The tour then crosses the river to the neighbouring Stúrovo (Párkány in Hungarian) across the bridge and the border to Slovakia to see the stunning view of the Cathedral from the opposite side.

Our tour will then proceed to Visegrád. The Citadel on the top of the hill was constructed in the second half of the 13-th century after the Mongol invasion. In the 14-th century Visegrád became the capital of Hungary and the Hungarian crown was kept here. The historical first Congress of Visegrád took place here in 1335, in which John I of Bohemia, Charles I of Hungary and Casimir III of Poland formed an anti-Habsburg alliance. The three leaders agreed to create new commercial routes to bypass the staple port Vienna and obtain easier access to other European markets.

During our tour you’ll be treated with a 3-course lunch. The restaurant overlooks the river bend and the famous Citadel. The Danube bend is one of the most picturesque parts of Hungary. The Danube flowing from the west to the east makes a bend at Dömös but you can enjoy this view from Visegrád. We will stop at the Solomon tower, which used to control river traffic and was the prison of Dracula (named Vlad Tapes, the Impaler, the price of Wallachia).

The tour finishes in Szentendre, the lovely Artists’ town of Hungary. The city was populated by migrants from the Balkans in the 18th century who built the present baroque, Mediterranean city centre. Artists discovered the beauty of this town and founded an artists’ colony in 1929. Explore this charming town famous for its art ,museums, open-air cafés and boutiques, after which we will head back to Budapest.

The Danube Bend Tour starts at 9.00 am and its duration is 9 hours. From May till September our guests return to Budapest city centre by boat. This tour is not available on Mondays. For more information CLICK HERE



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