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Palais Herend – More than the most exclusive brand store

This place is the sanctuary of Herend Porcelain. 500 square meters in the realm of miracles where the materials of outstanding quality, the amazing interior design and the unique lighting provide only a backdrop for the world’s most beautiful porcelain pieces. The world’s largest Herend Brand Store, the three-story flagship store of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. is extravagant, phenomenal and up-to-date proving that Herend Porcelain is ageless, eternal and innovative. We not only display the largest range of tens of millions of products in the showcases, but we offer experience at the same time. The Palais Herend embodies the duality of “Tradition and Innovation”, which is also the creed of Herend, in every solution and piece.

But it is even much more because we also give you an insight into secrets! We offer the opportunity to reveal the wonders of porcelain making craftsmanship to anyone! The raw porcelain paste can turn into a rose in anyone’s hands, or the paint brush may touch the snow-white porcelain. Moreover, the self-painted plate can be brought home after firing as an eternal memory! This is now an exceptional opportunity from Herend! We can also organize porcelain painting demonstrations presented by professional porcelain painters, where the art of hand painting can be admired. And for the kids not to get bored while the adults are immersed in the realm of miracles, we offer the painting of bookmarks, of course, with pre-printed Herend motifs!

The Palais Herend is not only an amazingly beautiful and unique brand store, it is not just for shopping, but also for experience. We are waiting for you! For more information and details, please visit our official WEBSITE!

Palais Herend

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 10-11.

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