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Once again this year, gastronomy lovers must visit Millenaris Park to attend the OTP Gourmet Festival, between May 16-19, exhibiting the county’s best restaurants, confectionaries and wineries. The festival also introduces current delicacies and the best of international gastronomy. This year’s highlighted themes at Gourmet Festival will be Paprika, bread ends, and beer. Do not expect soups, ragus and bread ends! Let’s see the program list of today!

(Unfortunatelly for this program all tickets were sold)

Moscow’s recently opened restaurant, Twins Garden, headed by a pair of twins has already won international recognition. They now bring their favorite ingredients to introduce them to the audience of the Gourmet Festival.

Ivan and Sergej Berezutskiy, are twins that have been a fan of cooking ever since childhood but achieved success as chefs separately. Their joint restaurant opened at the end of 2017. Twins Garden quickly became a huge success and placed 72nd on the world’s best 100 restaurants list. They promise to present Russian ingredients in their entirety but avoid stereotypes and patterns.

“We really love Russian ingredients. There are many nationalities living in Russia in varying climates who love their products and know how to prepare them. We are inspired by traveling and meeting them rather than by other chefs’ work. For instance, we visited an area in the Altai, where there was no TV and a woman showed us how she makes pelmeni using potatoes, but no onions.” The Moscow restaurant can be reached via a cobblestone courtyard, where firewood is steeped and family photos along with a tandem bicycle can be found hanging on the wall of the rustic dining room. While these items won’t make it to Budapest, they will bring their favorite ingredients and dishes, so that the audience can taste them at a Gourmet Festival exclusive dinner.


4PM – Award-winning chilis: from a small garden to worldwide success – Chili Hungaria Manufactory and GaBko Chili
A strong start on the festival’s Gastro Stage: two tales of international success by popular Hungarian chili producers including obsession and the importance of raw materials. Visitors will also have a chance to taste the product of their hard work.

5PM – Cocktails in gastronomy – Societé Budapest and Grey Goose & Martini
Société Budapest’s Head Chef, Norbert Krasznai and Confectioner, Zsanett Barna will bring three specialties from Société Bistro&Bar’s spring menu to the Gastro Stage. Péter Gózon, Brand Ambassador of Grey Goose and Martini, will prepare three exciting cocktails to go with the meals. Excellent ingredients and creativity are important to Societé Budapest and the mentioned drink brands, as this is the only way to provide a truly high-quality gastronomic experience, which will be demonstrated to the public through a tasting session!

6PM – From Noma to Tirana – Bledar Kola (Mullixhiu, Tirana)
Special guest, Bledar Kola, Founder of the best, Albanian restaurant, Mullixhiu, gained inspiration to reform Albanian cuisine from famous restaurants such as Noma or Fäviken. On stage, he will prepare two popular local dishes: trahana, which is made up of cereal, yogurt and fermented butter dough, and fli, which is a millefoglie, that is a creamy pastry made from many layers of dough. He will also be serving tea made from olive leaves to go with the pastry.

7PM – The meeting of cultures – Konstantin Filippou** (Vienna)
After last year’s performer, Steirereck, another Viennese chef of a two Michelin-star restaurants will show his talents on Gourmet Festival’s stage: Konstantin Filippou is head of his own restaurant. Not only is his mixture of Austrian and Mediterranean fine dining flavors exciting but so are his history and personality. If you haven’t tasted food from a two-star restaurant before, then here is your chance, as Filippou will prepare and offer audience members one of the restaurant’s emblematic dishes!

Text and photo: Gourmet Festival Press

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