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The mythical treasures of the Incas’ exhibition in Budapest

There are only two more weeks to visit the unique “Treasures of the Incas” exhibition!

The world’s most valuable gold collection from South America, the Incas Gold has arrived to Budapest for the first time in history. The unique treasures are on display until September 1st at the Museum Komplex, located at Király Street 26. in District 6.

You can explore the rich and enigmatic culture of the Incas such as the golden pieces of the elite that represented their power and the mysterious blood rituals that were part of the Inca ceremonies in the pre-hispanic era.

The exhibition guides you back in time to the land of the Incas by presenting original treasures such as decorative objects, jewellery, utensils and musical instruments in a dark environment with Peruvian music from the highlands. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage and it is considered as the biggest golden collection in the world.

Furthermore, the exhibition showcases exciting virtual reality and video elements, which allows you to experience ceremonial sites and buildings, where the Incas practiced their offerings to the Gods of the Sun and the Earth.

Travel back in time, explore the Inca civilization and feel the temptation of gold.

The exhibition is available every day from 9 am till 8 pm until the 1st September.
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Photo: JVS Group

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