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Festival of Folk Arts in Budapest

One of the most exciting events in Budapest opens for its 33rd time. Everything is about traditions at the most beautiful location in the capital: you can enjoy music, dancing, exhibitions, a folk fair and artisanal performances at the Buda Castle. Yes, it’s the Festival of Folk Arts! Only 2 more days left so don’t miss it!

The folk art event, organized for over three decades, continues to be highly popular. This year, the festival awaits those who enjoy the carnival atmosphere between 17 and 20 August. Between the courtyard, the terrace and the winding paths of the Castle, you only need a few minutes to lose yourself in discovering new curiosities and to find yourself in a completely different place from where you were heading.

Festival of Folk Arts – living folk art

Visit for example the “Lion Courtyard”, where you can listen to Félix Lajkó, Kerekes Band, Chris Potter or Dresch Quartet. Savoyai terrace offers Japanese, Syrian, and South Slavic world music concerts and dance performances to relax after your explorations.


You won’t be short of attractions either, as over 800 Hungarian and 150 international artisan workshops will be on display at the biggest artisanal celebration in the Carpathian Basin. You can introduce yourself to unique traditional crafts that you might have never heard about, such as leathercraft, dressmaking, ginger bread making, jewellery making, blue-dyeing, embroidery, and bone carving. In addition to Hungarian artisans, international guests will also be present: Chinese calligraphers, miniaturists, and Uzbek carpet makers will all showcase their talent. What’s even better is that you can also try your hand at the different crafts at 50 workshops and receive help from the artisans themselves. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out that you have a special talent for candle making or leathercraft.


If you would stick to your guns and would only like to watch, organizers offer a truly interesting exhibition: you can see the variety, diversity and richness of use and meaning of slippers worn all over the world. The featured craft of the festival this year is shoemaking, and special attention is given to “Szeged slippers”.

The guest of honour this year is Japan

The guest of honour at the festival is Japan this year, so visitors can get a glimpse of art in the Far East: you can not only taste traditional Japanese dishes but also enter the amazing world of kimonos, fans, Japanese shoes, ceramics, sword fighting and sword making.


Don’t forget about the fair! You don’t often get the chance to see and purchase the most renowned, celebrated and award-winning Hungarian artisan products in one place. You are sure to make a lasting memory of your journey to Budapest if you get a present for yourself or for your loved ones here.

If you’re ready to explore, don’t forget your Budapest Card, as it guarantees free entrance to the Festival of Folk Arts.

Credit: Mesterségek Ünnepe

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