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Healthcare Tips for November

This fall’s weather is relatively mild, however, despite this, it still should be important for you to pay attention to your clothing, otherwise you can easily catch a cold and may get infected.
It is worthy to try to boost your immune system in order to prevent disease by means of e.g. vitamin C supplementation, multivitamin preparation intake, a healthy diet, a good amount of relaxation and some easy activity.

Béres Egészségtár offers you a great variety of immune boosting products, including the famous Béres Csepp (Béres’s Drops) which became a Hungarikum in 2013. It is recommended to take this latter product in case of a malnutrition, a significant physical exertion, fatigue, loss of appetite, weakness and also insomnia.
Did you know?
Hungarian biochemist, Albert Szent-Györgyi discovered the chemical ascorbic acid commonly called Vitamin C. Thanks to his contribution Szent – Györgyi got the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1937. In his later life he started researching the root causes of cancer and established the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

If despite all your precautions you experience the symptoms of common cold, including coughing, runny nose, sneezing, low fever, weakness, malaise, then as a first step you should start a symptomatic treatment. If your symptoms do not improve after a while or become even worse, it is then recommended to visit a medical specialist.

LetMeHealthYou is the simple fastest way for getting help and choosing the optimal specialist for you! Call +36 1677 7222

They created their call center service to help tourists who suffer an unexpected medical emergency during their staying at Budapest. With their service foreigners without local knowledge or with few local acquaintances will be able to find quickly and easily the apt clinics and medical professionals which are enabled at the time of the calling.

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