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International Pancake Day

This Tuesday, 25th of February we are celebrating the International Pancake day, which is officially called Shrove Tuesday. This event is held every year the Tuesday immediately preceding Ash Wednesday, when the period of Lent starts. If you are in Budapest and like pancakes, we recommend you to try the well-known Hungarian pancake, called Palacsinta.

This delicious Hungarian version is slim, flat and can come in many different tastes. The most popular ones are filled with sweet fillings such as apricot marmalade, túró (fresh cheese) and cocoa powder. For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, there are savoury versions as well, such as the famous Hortobágyi Palacsinta (filled with meat in stew like sauce). If you fancy trying some either sweet or savoury, we recommend you the best Palacsinta places in Budapest.

Bank 3 Palacsinta Bar offers more than 30 types of palacsinta (sweet and savoury) too. Going there you surely want to try more as they are all delicious. They have a seasonal menu too offering special pancakes such as the one filled with orange and cinnamon. This place is located in Bank Street 3 in the 5th district and it is open from 11am to 11pm every day.

Nagyi Palacsintázója was established more than 20 years ago and it has plenty of types of palacsinta’s. Here you can taste the classics such as the chocolate and the túró ones but in case you would like to try something different you can opt for cherry and poppy seed or the savoury ones such as ham and mushroom or the Indonesian pancake with broccoli and chicken. Nagyi Palacsintázója offers pancakes in 5 different places, 2 of them are located in the 1st district and are open 24 hours and the others are located in the 4th and in the 5 districts.

Another place to try palacsinta is the Bajnok Palacsinta, which prepares 50 cm giant palacsintas such as the Pancake Burger, the American pancake, traditional Hungarian pancake and protein pancakes. If you prefer to go for the sweet versions you can combine it with Kinder Bueno or Oreo. The restaurant is located at Bajnok Street 2b in the 6th district.

We hope you can enjoy some delicious palacsintas in Budapest!

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