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Imagine Ben Hur in Formula One, Heroes’ Square welcomes horseracing excitement

Between September 14th and 16th the Andrássy Avenue, the city’s grandest boulevard, will become a Gallop Promenade, presenting over 1,000 […]

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12 things you should know before coming to Hungary

CNN has been kinda obsessed with Hungary since last year. They've featured a short film about the "Hungarian cowboys" aka […]

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Urban Heroes among us

Our lives, work and everyday life are inevitably linked to urban environments where the built environment, the streets and facades, […]

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Get into the mood for autumn with the Palace of Arts

The new season will start soon at the Palace of Arts aka Müpa, and this year they are waiting for […]

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Why Hungarians love cholent?

Hungarians love rich, hearty dishes, therefore the menu of any self-respecting traditional Hungarian restaurant would be empty without cholent, however […]

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Budapest added to the Unbound Collection: the history of the “Parisian Court”

Párisi udvar (The Parisian Court) used to be a magnificent shopping arcade in Budapest. It was built in the early […]

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12 weird Hungarian expressions and how to use them

The Hungarian language might sound like to some as an Elvish  dialect from the Lord of the Rings, but even […]

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KOGART, an overview of Hungarian art in the past 50 years

It was on 8 November 2003 that patron and art collector Gábor Kovács announced the establishment of a private foundation with the initial […]

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18 interesting facts about the Parliament buliding

The Hungarian Parliament Building - aka Országház in Hungarian - is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, a landmark […]

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Explore the twelve faces of the amazing Cate Blanchett

Julian Rosefeldt’s MANIFESTO pays homage to the emblematic way of thinking of twentieth-century modernism and takes viewers back to the […]

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Save the date: two must-see contemporary exhibitions at LuMu

What makes an object, especially a utility object, a statue?How will it come from a huge cardboard box, and what […]

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Sleepless revellers, your one-night stand with a museum string attached

For almost a generation now, the night of June 23 is no longer just the celebration of the summer solstice, […]

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