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Gundel Restaurant

1146 Gundel Károly út 4.

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Pest side


Gundel is Hungary’s leading restaurant for over 100 years with a unique ambience where walls are decorated with the original works of the most famous Hungarian masters, dishes are served on the world famous china of Zsolnay or Herend. The Bar is ready to please you with coffee, cocktails, snacks or our famous Gundel crépe. Wine-lovers are encouraged to taste the Gundel selection served by our award-winning sommelier while enjoying the live music of the Gundel Orchestra every night. All this is made perfect with the immaculate service of Gundel’s professional staff.

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Monday 12:00 - 0:00

Tuesday 12:00 - 0:00

Wednesday 12:00 - 0:00

Thursday 12:00 - 0:00

Friday 12:00 - 0:00

Saturday 12:00 - 0:00

Sunday 12:00 - 0:00