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Budapest is great for bike lovers

As Budapest has been constantly on the “must-visit” lists for Europe, we would like to mention its cycling-friendly attitude with the notable bike-community, 200 kms of bike lanes and a booming bike share system. You can choose your terrain, hilly trails in Buda ideal for mountain biking or the city streets in Pest and also you will find one of the best sightseeing routes along the Danube.

The Danube splits the city between bustling, hip Pest’s mostly flat terrain to the east, and the more refined and suburban Buda side’s winding hills to the west. If you’re up for a rewarding challenge, climb Buda’s 526-meter Janos Hill, which ends at one of the best views of the city from above, or ride farther into the green hills for an MTB adventure. For those more interested in hitting as many tourist sites and hotspots as possible on flat city streets, Pest is dotted with outdoor cafes, restaurants, and the ever-popular ‘ruin cafés’—hangouts retrofitted from abandoned and derelict buildings.

You can also commute like a local across Budapest’s approximately 200 kilometers of bike lanes and path on a lime-green bike from MOL Bubi, the city’s first bike share. The sturdy 55-pound bikes have three gears, adjustable seatposts, automatic lights front and rear, and frame-mounted storage space for holding maps and other small items. The docking stations cover the downtown area and usually no more than a third of a mile apart making it conveniently reachable. For route ideas, visit:  https://www.bikemap.net/en/l/3054643/

If you want to be on the cutting edge of low-maintenance cycling tech, you’ll want to try Budapest-based Stringbike’s eponymous chainless bike. The Stringbike replaces traditional metal bike chains with the same strong, durable rope favored by rock climbers, to provide what it says is a smoother ride. The company offers private tours by Stringbike and showcases their rides at local races and events, where visitors can try out the “clean and graceful” bikes for themselves. Bonus: You can allegedly wash the ropes in a washing machine.

If you are up for challenges, follow the EuroVelo6 which runs through 10 countries with over its 2000 miles. You can take the Danube Bike Path towards Western Europe through Bratislava and Vienna to Germany, or you can head east through Serbia towards the border separating Romania and Bulgaria.

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