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Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this tour is for you!

Tantalise your tastebuds and ease your sugar craving while you are exploring the city: it’s quite a fair deal isn’t it? The Budapest Sweet Tour will be “the cherry on top” of your stay in Budapest! 

Budapest has a long tradition of coffee house culture, stretching back to the time of the Turkish era in the 16th century. The popularity of coffee houses got a big boost in the 19th century, when over 400 venues existed in the city during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. They were also used as a popular spot among journalist, writers, editors, poets, authors, actors, musicians,  virtually all the intellectuals of the era. The best place to catch up with the latest news and gossips made regulars to drop in time to time, influental newspapers were often edited just by the table. Many of the grand coffee houses were restored in the recent years to their original, bringing the old times back, catering to the current audience with a lively atmosphere. In the antique decor, quality treats are served, iconic pastries with often the same recipes used for 100+ years. 

You will enjoy some quality time at one of the nicest coffee houses of Budapest, which started as a family business at the beginning of the 20th century, with a long history of artisan marzipan. You will taste the latter along with pralines and also a nice coffee accompanied by a signature cake. A little walk along the Danube will give your stomach a little rest, but for the dessert of the desserts the chimney cake has to end your journey. This delicacy is always baked fresh with a caramellized sugar coat, it belongs to the image of a traditional marketplace so much, that from time to time there are initiatives to make it a „protected Hungarian product” by the EU.

What you can expect on this tour: learn about Budapest’s coffeehouse culture, marzipan and handmade praline tasting, enjoy your coffee accompanied by special local cakes and taste the famous chimney cake!

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