Budapest Goulash Overview

There is one national dish that used to be a staple of shepherds and cattle herders, and is still well-known and enjoyed across the entire world: goulash (gulyás) soup. For those who come to visit, it is a definite must to try this hearty Hungarian dish, which is ideal for warming up after a long and cold winter day of sightseeing in the city. Luckily, lots of places in Budapest offer excellent versions of this tasty Hungarian specialty.

GETTÓ GULYÁS / 18 Wesselényi utca, 7th District

Gettó Gulyás offers a delicious “Alföldi” goulash soup worthy of the Great Hungarian Plain that it is named after. This restaurant, located in Wesselényi Street, serves nothing but classic Hungarian dishes, such as Hortobágyi pancakes, chicken soup, and various types of pörkölt stews. Before eating, have a glass of strong pálinka (it will definitely bring on the appetite!), and choose a bottle of fine vintage from the 100%-Hungarian wine list to accompany your main meal. Do not miss the dessert either: home-made cottage cheese dumplings (túrógombóc) and Gundel pancakes will delight those with a sweet tooth.

ROSENSTEIN / 3 Mosonyi utca, 8th District

Rosenstein’s has been a family business for more than 20 years, and has served three generations of customers since it was first established. You can have a bowl of piping hot goulash here and enjoy both the traditional Hungarian cooking and a traditional, sophisticated dining atmosphere. Goose liver is also on the menu at Rosenstein, and is well worth visiting for! 

CUPÁKOS / 31 Dob utca, 7th District

Also offering a selection of Hungarian-style dishes, Cupákos focuses heavily on meat. In their own words, “no mannerisms or breadcrumbs are needed.” A quick look at their menu confirms this approach, with spare ribs, sausages, steaks, cuts of beef, knuckles, ducks and many more on offer. This bistro, evocative of traditional butcher’s shops, awaits meat aficionados with checkered tablecloths, a nostalgic atmosphere and easygoing staff. Needless to say, goulash soup is also on the menu. 

RÁKÓCZI ÉTTEREM ÉS TAVERNA/ 9 Rákóczi tér, 8th District

Rákóczi Restaurant and Tavern is a favourite lunchtime spot for many Budapest residents, hidden on Rákóczi Square. Don’t expect a fancy setting, but the real Hungarian flavours, generous portions and friendly service will surely not disappoint.

Photo: Pixabay.com

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