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Be a Gulliver in Lilliput: visit Miniversum and see the top sights of Budapest!

There is a place where the scenery comes alive and events swing into action at the touch of your hand, adventure is limited but by your mere imagination… There is a place whose citizens are always easy and cheerful, the streets are always clean and the sun is always shining! MINIVERSUM is one of the largest interactive miniature exhibitions in the world! Discover the top sights of Budapest and the Hungarian landmark in this amazing interactive exhibition!

MINIVERSUM is a gigantic, beautifully detailed and decorated model layout with over 5000 miniature figures, 1000 motor cars and 100 trains in motion. Have you ever dreamed of being as tall as Gulliver and see the world around you in an instant? Well this is the time, when dreams come true: while you are physically in Budapest, you can visit 14 different towns and cities here on the 1300 metres of rail tracks. The construction took place between 2 August 2013 – 15 May 2014, during the 25,000 (!) working hours 20,000 screws and 15 kms electric wires were used to complete one of the largest miniature model exhibition of the world!

The exhibition features many sights and landmarks from Budapest and Hungary – and a bit of Austria and Germany – scaled to 1:100 of original size. Interactive screens add an extra experience showing you the original photos of the sights on the layout, so you can compare the miniature with the original. Plus you can also control the ongoing traffic bringing out your inner child by adding life to this magical little world with all sorts of actions, motions, sound and light effects.

The fun doesn’t stop after exploring all amusing details: the smaller guests can play free of charge at the playhouse while adults can enjoy some time out with drinks and some snacks in the Café.  If you are interested in technology there is a control room, which is astonishing by itself with its huge monitor wall, leading you to a fascinating experience to observe some added backstage moments, peeking behind the operation of the exhibition.

Night at the Miniversum: during the daylight savings, every 30 mins after 5pm, the lights are turned off for 10 minutes and the tiny lights of the miniature buildings – 10.000 little lightsources – are blinking only. You can see Miniversum when the night falls on this video from 01:06.

Visit MINIVERSUM, explore, behold and control it yourself!

Opening times during the festives: closed on the 24th & 25th December, open on the 26th & 31th December and on New Year’s day as well! On the 29th December you can visit the venue until 9:00pm and see the Night at the Miniversum experience till late!

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