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A perfect three-day Budapest itinerary for couples

Katie, an adventurous jet setter and travel blogger firmly believes that life is too short not to discover the world and have new experiences, and it’s never too late to get started! Her recent European adventure – actually to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with her husband, Brian – kicked off with a visit to Budapest. If you ask us, a perfect choice! 

“I fully expected Budapest to be beautiful and full of incredible architecture (it’s been called the ‘Paris of the East’ after all!), but in reality, this historic city completely blew me away and was way better than I even expected.” It’s true, if you are looking for mesmerising views with different architecture styles to explore, (and surely perfect spots for your social media presence) Budapest is your city! You can easily reach Hungary from almost any part of the world. During the 3 days, Katie wisely divided the city into 3 different atmospheres to discover.

Day 1: the romantic Buda Castle area and crossing over the Chain Bridge to reach and explore the Parliament area

Day 2: the Jewish Quarter for some Hungarian history, then New York Café and Széchenyi Baths where you can look back and imagine the artistic and retreating moments of the gilded age of Hungary.

Day 3: Heroes Square, Andrássy Avenue and a night cruise on the Danube: stroll along to the heart of the city hand-in-hand and finish your last day by taking in the city from the water aboard a Danube river cruise ship.

For all the details of the trip, visit Katie’s site: https://wherekatieis.com/index.php/2018/11/04/perfect-three-day-budapest-itinerary/

Budapest became one of her favourite cities in Europe and they are planning on returning to in the not-so-distant future. If  you haven’t been to Budapest before, she highly recommends adding our beautiful, historic city to your travel list! So don’t hesitate, use her post when planning your visit, also make sure you subscribe to her blog so you don’t miss a thing!

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