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When curiosity and passion about Budapest turns into a fabulous bestseller

Hungary’s capital is visited by millions of tourists every year, but only a few know why Fisherman’s Bastion has seven towers. If you haven’t got the faintest idea when Budapest celebrates its birthday and why there are no skyscrapers in the city, this is the book you are looking for. If you would like to get the answer to these questions and many more, do not miss the unique opportunity and discover with Kinga Tittel, a professional tour guide, what makes Budapest so incredibly fabulous.

Fabulous Budapest is a family travel guide that also gives an insight into the history and culture of the Hungarians. The beautifully drawn maps, countless photos and text boxes will give you a colourful and enjoyable experience as well as a better understanding of the city and its people.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Kinga in our new column: “Did you know?”. Every day, you’ll find a new interesting fact, story or eye-candy about Budapest, making you pack a suitcase and visit our city to explore and discover all the little hidden details.

Who could better introduce the new column than the author herself? Please welcome Kinga’s preface and we wish you a pleasant reading!

“Ever since I can remember, I always wanted to travel and see the world. When the opportunity presented itself in the early 2000’s I was thrilled to work on the Royal Caribbean ocean liners in the excursions department, visiting over 70 countries. I returned home to Budapest after three and a half years and I started to look at the city with completely different eyes. I was amazed by all the beauty and the exciting details I had previously never noticed or had taken for granted.

When I started to write my book in 2011 two things filled my life: I was a mother of two boys and a tour guide taking groups around Budapest and the surrounding area. I was flooded with questions both from my children (Who was Elisabeth? Why are there shoes by the Danube?) and English-speaking guests (Who are the Magyars? Were Buda and Pest always one?). And, wanting to be able to answer them, I looked for the answers. This is how my book “Mesélő Budapest” was born. It was first published in November 2016 and it is now in its fifth edition, officially a bestseller, with several awards. The extended English version “Fabulous Budapest “was published in April 2018 also by Libri, the biggest publishing group in Hungary.

In the Guide Me Budapest app, I would like to give you a taste of “Fabulous Budapest“, sharing some of the interesting and little known bits and pieces of information. Every day you will find out something about Budapest and I hope that it will put you in the mood for discovering the city more – and maybe also buying my book.

Dear Reader, take the Guide Me Budapest application and embrace the city (really or virtually). I wish you great joy and success in your reading and wandering!”

Fabulous Budapest is available at selected Libri and Líra bookstores, at the online Libra Bookshop, the gift shop of the Matthias Church, Opera gift shop, Souvenir Shop at District 1., 8 Tárnok Street. For overseas orders visit: https://magyarmarketing.com/product/fabulous-budapest/

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