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SZIGET Festival is not only a music but a colorful art festival. Year by year we can be the witnesses that creativity has no limits. This time will be the 6th when  Sziget Art Of Freedom project’s creators design the most amazing and unique buildings, statues, and installations. Check out the 2018 gallery and get inspired by Sziget’s unforgettable atmosphere!

MartinA and Martin

Designed by: Németh-Kassa Gábor

The sculpture of humanoid robot sculptures and details of their body parts are not accidental.
its nature is decisive. At the time of preparation, I used 100% waste material, and it is typically cultic
originated and legendary fossil fuels, thus incorporating them into a set of sculptures that will further “enliven”, and translate them into important objects that still remain waste.
The main material illuminated the palace of the Arts in a colorful glow for 11 years. Nowadays, the late high-end softballs have been transformed and have a new role in both their function and accessibility. Anno was mounted high and nobody was interested in their shape, their appearance, they are now on a human scale.

Rain Grove

Designed by: Pongor Klára, Gellért Gergő, Ézsöl András, Jagodics Tamás

Monumental set up, the meeting of human being and the environment as the symbol of the sustainable future. The set consists of 2 interconnected trees, natural wood, live plants and recycled materials. The white led decor and moving robot lights bring the installation alive, creating an exciting and brilliant atmosphere. We incorporated a steam gate in the structure, providing relief on a hot day.

Rythem Box

Designed by: Wire – Győrik Ágnes, Simon Zoltán, Lövei Attila

The Rythem Box is an interactive installation that users can find in a shaded area, and can play music that helps release the body and soul. There are four different types of percussion intruments and each side of the Rythem Box, where festival-goers can improvise jams and participate in music therapy.


Designed by: BRDS

TreeLand is an interactive installation that is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Our goal was to come up with an installation that can be set up year after year and can always be expanded, adapted as its surroundings and functions change. We wanted to build something that people can enjoy and experience – no matter if they actually use it or just observe.
The set-up of the installation is two-fold: the sitting area is located around the trunk of a tree and serves as a comfortable spot in the shade. To complete the experience, the tree itself will be involved, as well; the trunk is covered with colourful textiles while LED-lights, bulbs and other lanterns are hung from the branches.

String Theory

Designed by: Theoritics

An all day all night useful, spectacular communal furniture set. Throughout the day it provides a calm, near-natural and comfortable resting place for the tired Szitizens with all the different colors of the rainbow, by night it transforms itself together with the people of the festival. The colorful alternating LED lights are eye-catching and interesting which provide the perfect atmosphere for the festival and uncover the threads’ mysterious patterns.

Island of the earthly delights

Designed by: DCA decorart

The installation based on the famous work ”Garden of the earthly delights” of Bosch Hieronymus. It shows the well of life in the garden of eden. That fantastic construction are scary and seductive in the same way. In our small 3D world it can appear in low poly resolution. Thats the way what our mind can accept. We can approach the object, thereby we can approach our supernatural home.

Tree of Love

Designed by: brash

Where? Here. #treeoflove is a meeting point, a co-operative light installation – you can light up the whole tree – emitting light signals to someone who is looking for you, or just because of the colors.

Turntable of chill

Designed by: Jap-Yap

We are a young industrial designer dou, who are constantly looking for new challanges, and this is how come in contact with SZIGET again. The base of our piece is a retro vinyl player, that was inspired by our love of music and the countless emotions it communicates. We wanted to display this in a form, that lets the festivalgoers chill out for a bit in any part of the day. Aside from a confortable place for those who are tired, it is a colorful and interactive place inside the festival. The player has a few interactive buttons, and the vinyl itself can go round-and-round even with Szitizens sitting on it. On the back side of the vinyl cover, that is behind the player, there is a board where the visitors can write (with chalk on painted score) their feelings regarding music and love. The base materials of the installation are wood and steel, the accessories are made of enviromentally friendly plastics. The piece also has moodlighting, so it is a spectecular part of festival even at night.

Wishing tree

Designed by: Sáska Vivien, Stollmayer Ádám, Szántó Tamás

Before you ask, no, unfortunatelly we are not the tooth fairy.. but maybe it will be easier like this. Grab a slip of paper and make a wish, place it in our tree or just sit down and chill a bit at the foot of a tree after a long night.


Designed by: BRDS

The NEST is a unique furniture that fit perfectly into its natural surroundings. It is made only of natural and recycled materials. It is both weather- and festivalproof.

Kötött Fröccskert (Knitted Spritz-garden)

Designed by: Fonalgerillák


Designed by: Lama_szeme

Relax there where the present and the past meet each other. The goal of the Mushrooms project is to break our traditions out of their normal place and put them to a multicultural and modern festival. We used a hungarian folk technique to make this installation with using natural materials. Enjoy that cozy environment that we made for you!

A fairy town

Designed by: HEXA

FAIRY TOWN is a village of tiny wooden houses, where rooftops serve as seats for Szitizens. This group of 5 to 6 pieces of houses encircle a tree, which is also decorated with a string of wood and line. Thanks to the fluorescent painting the glittering village gives a magical view to the by-passers.

Flower park

Designed by: Homo Faber Group

For festival goers relaxing and regaining energy are just as important as partying through a gargantuan amount of concerts. Before or after the shows alone or in couples being exhausted or nimble, everyone prefers to rest themselves for a while. Flower Park expresses the festival’s main message with its own simplicity, and the LOVE slogan makes a possible meeting-point for ‘szitizens’. To create an epigraph, we would like to use the flowers of last year’s application 10K FLOWER, which by the way is very lovely for us. The patterns would also appear on the footings of the flower chairs.

Popart Fences

Designed by: Nyirán Márton

Credit: SZIGET Festival

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