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Budapest offers some eye-catching and mouth-watering products for those with a fine style – and a reliable credit card. From custom-made fur coats to special herb liqueurs, from sweets in exclusive boxes to perfumes made to match your individual character, you can find (almost) anything you need to feel the luxury.

Cinq Filles – Sweet secrets in a tiny box

The first boutique of Cinq Filles Budapest was opened in 2017, followed by a second one only a year later. The elegant sweets company has been founded by Hungarian entrepreneurs Zsolt Unger and Szilárd Demján in 2011, and the brand has become the “exclusive” sweets supplier of several hotels and the Budapest Airport since then. This indicates that people’s appetite for delicately made sweets and fine decoration never goes out of style. They are selling hand-made chocolates and other sweets hidden in elegant boxes – the perfect gift for any occasion! Their newest shop can be found next to the New York Café where all three lines of the CitySightseeing Budapest buses stop.

Furever – Custom-made “fur you”

Thankfully, winter is a thing of the past now, but an elegant fur coat (or hat, or scarf) never goes out of fashion. So if you are looking for the fur coat (or hat, or scarf) – of your life, look no further than Furever, located on Andrássy Avenue in Budapest. The luxury saloon of the Hungarian fur specialists is offering the widest variety of natural furs. Their professional furriers can have the perfect coat ready for you within three days, custom-made to your choice of sable or chinchilla, fox or mink, raccoon or hare. Every single item is hand-crafted from the finest and strictly supervised European furs. At Furever, you may also select from the stock of world-famous fashion brands such as Fendi, Moschino and Marc Jacobs. And as winter is over, this is a very good time for shopping as you can get a 20% discount on all items at Furever now, using your Guide.me eCoupon.

Herend & the Shrine of Beauty

The word Herend has been identified with the Hungarian porcelain-making craftsmanship for nearly two centuries. Herend porcelains are marked as ‘Hungaricums’, an elite list of only a handful of items that are 100% made in Hungary, and protected by the law. The legendary Herend name is not only known in Hungary, however, but in every corner of the world, from Japan to Canada as well. Herend porcelains are present at the Windsor Castle, in the palace of the Sultan of Brunei and the Emperor of Japan. Hand-painted trophies are proudly owned by the winners of the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, as well as Hollywood stars.

But you don’t have travel that far to see or buy a part of Hungarian luxury tradition: you can find the best selection of genuine hand-painted porcelains at the Herend Palace at József nádor square. For centuries, porcelain used to be associated with elderly people, but Herend Porcelains have now made up its mind to open towards younger generations. This means that while they are staying true to their classic heritage, they are also experimenting with playful, modern shapes to make sure young people can also find fine porcelains to their liking at Herend Palace.

Palais Herend

1051 Budapest, József Nádor tér 10-11.

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Artistic fragrances from Budapest

Since the movie Perfume we know what a huge difference an elegant, personalised perfume fragrance can make in shaping our interpersonal relationships. Although the need for exclusive fragrances is a relatively new segment in Hungary, we can proudly say that Budapest has already got some exciting new talents in this field, gaining international recognition by the day.

One of the pioneers of personalised perfumes is Zsolt Zólyomi, who has opened his Le Parfum boutique in Budapest in 2016. Here you can select from fragrances of the world’s most exclusive ‘niche’ perfumes, as well as have your own personalised perfume, mixed by the Master himself. He is also doing perfume workshops, of which you can get more info on his website HERE

Viktória Minya has acquired the art of fragrance formulation in Grasse, France. She decided to found her own signature line Neroli Perfumes in 2012, for which she cherishes the use of the finest ingredients and original creation techniques. She currently lives and practices her art in her studio in Paris, France, but you can sense her works in her luxury perfumery in Régiposta street. In addition to perfumes you can find wonderful perfume lamps there, too, as part of her Home fragrances line.

Unicum & the House of Unicum

You might already have heard about King Joseph II’s royal physician, Dr. Zwack who, when the king was suffering from a bad stomach, offered him a small glass of Unicum. As the king felt better instantly, he replied: ‘Doctor Zwack, that is an unicum!’ According to the family legend, this is how the famous liqueur made of 40 kinds of herbs, obtained its name.

Over the past 230 years, Unicum has become synonymous with Hungary, something the Zwack family is very proud of. That is the reason why, after regaining the rights of manufacturing previously taken away by the communist regime in 1948, they have opened the House of Unicum in Budapest. Visitors can watch a 20-minute short film about the company’s history there, complete with the tasting of various types of Unicums. While staying true to their 200+ years old recipe in the original product, the family is keen on developing fresh tastes such as the Unicum Plum, released a couple of years ago.

For the true bitter lovers and collectors, however, we recommend the new Unicum Riserva, which unifies the essence of the best Tokaj wines and the original liqueur in an elegantly shaped bottle. Thanks to being aged for years in oak casks, the unique taste of the Unicum Riserva is reminiscent of the best French cognacs – except for it is made in Budapest, Hungary.


1095 Budapest, Dandár utca 1.

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