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Hummus is sexy!

You need a little breather between two bowls of hot Goulash? Let’s see 3 reasons why you shouldn’t without a doubt miss the Hummus bar experience, if you visit Budapest!

#1 Healthy is sexy, but could it make your taste buds feel the real gastrOrgasm?

If you search for the answer in the hummusbar, we definitely have to say: YES. The main sensation in the kitchen, the absolute superstar is the modest chickpea. Yes, we know it doesn’t sound too exciting so far, but let me explain! The divine spices of the Middle East!

Think of the best chickpea cream you have ever imagined, the proportions are in perfect balance, the texture is indescribable and the consistency of the spices is mind-boggling. Creamy but solid enough, with discreet garlic and sesame oil overtones, and the refreshing acidity of lemon will make you feel like you’re in heaven… Your wait is now over!

Or are you a real omnivore? Forget about the veggies, imagine the perfect chicken shawarma, with the finest drumstick bites, finely chopped with a bit of spicy cinnamon, turmeric and coriander. Your tongue is going to get a shock, because of the experience of wholeness and heavenly taste, if you give it a try!

#2 Good vibes, unique hummus experience – Freedom on the plate!

Did you know that the Middle Eastern culture takes dining occasions as kind of a spiritual experience? It’s not just a nonsense esoteric blah-blah. If you think about it, not many things are present in our daily lives as much as food is. That is why Israeli people approach this topic in an extraordinary way, every dinning session is truly special!

There are a lot of dishes, – for example hummus or shakshuka – which are easy to eat with your bare hands. This is inconceivable in a traditional European or Hungarian restaurant, where you can find strict rules about cutlery. But come on, who wants to think about which fork should be used for what course?

Eating hummus can also be look at as an artistic self-expression, and it can be real fun, doesn’t matter if you are alone, with your partner or your friends. You are free to eat however you’d like. Try to draw circles, lines, outside curves or inner swirls. It’s like painting, every relaxing movement brings out your inner creativity – without you realising it!

#3 Specialities made with love

Hummusbar is a successful chain now, but a few years ago the owners started out as small business. Thanks to this mentality the place has a friendly atmosphere, with kind employees who have an honest passion towards the Israeli cuisine. If you would like to try any of them, just search after the word “hummus” in our interactive map.

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