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From Budapest with love, introducing Nellicious Travels!

Nelly Hajba’s passion is travelling and food, she became quite a jet-setter living half of her life abroad, studying and working in 7 different countries on 3 continents. However she turned her passion into a career by moving back to Hungary to rediscover the Motherland and shortly established Nellicious Travels. Her experience in re-exploring Budapest not only gives you a great knowledge, but her enthusiastic and cheerful personality makes you feel like you are walking around the city with a friend, discovering the several faces of this amazing destination, while mingling with the locals.

“Food can be just so delicious, if you know what and where and how to eat.” Nelli says, she also believes that through a nation’s cuisine, you can learn additionally a lot about the culture, history and mentality and characteristics of the country. Her tours are based on food and tastings, from discovering the vibe of a market to tickling your tastebuds with key flavours of the Hungarian cuisine. You can find the tours by clicking HERE. The tours are offered by local foodies to similar-minded travellers, who wish to experience the flavours of a certain area they are visiting and wish to be accompanied by an enthusiastic local host, to learn about traditional and modern local cuisine, tastes and flavours and through this about the mentality, culture, and history of the nation and hear about the local life and personal experiences. The local hosts are selected very cautiously to ensure a safe and trustworthy experience, meet the guides by clicking HERE.

Are you looking for more to discover? Nellicious Travels can tailor any tour to your needs, and also they offer a unique service, aka the Guardian Angel, when a private host is helping you to get around and arrange things for you, be your shopping assistant, an interpreter and event organiser, a great company and a local friend! You just need to tell the date and how many hours would you need someone to accompany you and they make a fun, interesting and entertaining plan according to your interests and needs. The Helping Hand service is recommended for those planning to move to Hungary and need some help to settle, making your arrival and the first weeks easier, and you won’t feel lost in the city.

Nellicious - Foodtours and winetastings with a local host

Fővám Square

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You can contact Nellicious Travels by visiting www.nellicioustravels.com or write a DM to info@nellicioustravels.com

We asked Nelli:

  • How would she describe Budapest in 3 words? Bubbles like champagne!
  • What’s her favourite dish? Mákos guba
  • Which is the best place in Budapest to wind down? Sipping a glass of refreshing elderflower lemonade at Balna on the Danube shore
  • Name something she couldn’t live without in Budapest! The Great Market Hall (and the local markets as well!)

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