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Healthcare tips – Let the sunshine!

Sunshine and vitamin D

Numerous theories have emerged on the topic of protection against coronavirus. According to one of the most popular views, high doses of vitamins C and D boost the immune system and provide adequate protection for the body. Vitamin C needs no introduction. It is well-known fact that the beneficial effects of vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis, but perhaps fewer people know that it effectively supports the immune system, hormonal homeostasis, plays a role in proper muscle function, affects our mood and also has antitumor properties. The majority of the population in Hungary will develop vitamin D deficiency by the end of the winter period, which has been aggravated by the curfew restrictions this year. Those who has forgotten to take vitamin supplements so far, do not grieve. Why? Good weather and sunshine create an opportunity for this vitamin to be produced naturally in our body, to be more specific, in our skin, when exposed to sunlight. It should be mentioned that the development of vitamin D toxicity (vitamin D overdose) is relatively uncommon when taking vitamin D supplements in tablet form but can occur because the vitamin accumulates in the body due to its fat-soluble properties. However, vitamin D toxicity does not occur under the influence of a natural process, i.e. sunlight. Furthermore, we can also get some vitamin D into our bodies by eating fish, liver, and eggs. Therefore, our advice is the following: take a pleasant walk in nice weather, and surprise yourself with a delicious fried hake.

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