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Margaret Island – the green heart of Budapest

The green and beautiful Margaret Island is the oasis of Budapest, where you can spend a peaceful and relaxing time in the heart of the city. The 2.5 kilometre long island is embraced by the Danube River and it is connected by two major bridges, the Margaret Bridge and the Árpád Bridge. Only few cars are allowed, however, the No.26 bus from Nyugati station goes to the island and there is a stop on the frequent 4/6 tram route as well, halfway along Margaret Bridge. The island offers many attractions and activities for the visitor.

Music Fountain

One attraction of the island is the huge Musical Fountain located close to the entrance of the park (Margaret Bridge). The spectacular show starts at 10am and the fountain follows the rhythm of international and Hungarian songs. The spectacle is repeated every hour playing musical genres such as rock, pop or classical music. From 7pm the melodies change to classical music such as The Blue Danube or the Symphony No. 5 from Beethoven. After nightfall light shows projecting photos on a special water curtain entertain the visitor.

The Rose Garden

Margaret Island is the perfect place to have a romantic walk with your partner or a picnic with friends. With its fresh air, old trees and large green areas it is truly a location, where you can forget the noise of the city. In the middle of the island you can find the magnificent and charming Rose Garden with colourful and pretty roses. Next to the Rose Garden there is the small Japanese Garden that has dwarf trees, artificial waterfall, water lilies, rock garden and ducks, an ideal place to read a book or just sit and meditate.

Rent a bike and cycle around the island

The island is well known for its recreational areas and it offers all the facilities such as renting bicycles, golf cars, depald-powered bikes, scooters and segways. If you don’t have too much time but would like to get to know the island, renting a bike can be a good option so you can take a look at the whole park.

The Pet Zoo

If you are with you family and you have young kids, the island also offers and small zoo, where animals such as deers, Mandarin ducks, sheep and storks can be seen. In the middle of the complex there is a stable for ponies, which you can ride on sunny days. Children particularly enjoy this area of the island.

The Hajós Alfréd and the Palatinus Spas

If you like swimming the Hajós Alfréd National Sport Spa is the place to go, it is said to be the best pool in the city, with two Olympic (50m) pools, a 33m and a 25m pool, both inside and outside (can be used in the winter).

The scenic Bauhaus style bath complexed, the Palatinus Lido opened its pools to the visitor in 1919 so this year it is celebrating its 100th birthday. The open air lido offers 11 pools (including a fun wave-pool), sports grounds and playgrounds for children. It is only open in the warm seasons (from early May to late August) and if you want to enjoy all its facilities we recommend you to visit it on a weekday rather than on the weekend, when it often gets packed.

Hajós Alfréd National Swimming Stadium

1138 Margitsziget 238004.

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Palatinus Lido

1007 Soó Rezső stny. 1.

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The Open Air Stage and the Water Tower

During the summer season the island offers quality entertainment on its open air stage such as opera and dance, as well as concerts of classical and contemporary music. Recently renovated, this popular site allows visitors to enjoy some colourful performances in a modern setting. 

Next to the Open Air Stage you can find the historically listed Water Tower, which is open from June to late September and it offers a beautiful 360 view over the city. At weekends the courtyard is set for jazz concerts.

Besides the attractions the island has some cool bars and restaurants, where you can have a glass of wine or grab a pint of beer with some snacks depends on your taste. As you can see the Margaret Island is the parkland of Budapest, where you can find nearly everything.

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