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Coffee cocktails against the heat

Hot days, sparkling lights and cool beaches. You have to take good care to stay hydrated in the summer heat. Starbucks’ coffee masters created their seasonal coffee cocktail selection with that heat in mind. The unique cocktails are not just tasty but also bring a refreshing change to the summer days. The cool specialties can be prepared anywhere easily.

The baristas and coffee masters at Starbucks learn their trade for years to become experts in the different methods and secrets of coffee making. They know exactly how every type of coffee should be roasted, how should the coffee be brewed using different techniques and what are the most harmonizing flavors to go with. The coffee cocktails we have listed below are easy to prepare at home or at the office, so the summer days get more colorful and definitely more enjoyable.ű

Golden Kenya cocktail

This recipe was created by Dóra Deák for all who love sweet, foamy cocktails full of coffee paired with an orange vitamin-bomb.

Ingredients: 140 ml Starbucks Kenya coffee, 100 ml orange juice, 5 pcs of coffee cream, 37,5 ml vanilla syrup, ice

Preparation: We prepare the Kenya coffee in a pour over. We mix the coffee with the orange juice and the syrup in a shaker. We add some ice and the cream then shake it all together. We serve it in a glass and use an orange slice for decoration.

Tip: Add the ice before the cream so the drink cools down and the protein won’t precipitate.

City Jungle

Emese Végh dreamed this cocktail to be a favorite of the fans of vibrant days and nights. It gives a head start to the day with fruits and chocolate and stimulates the brain all day long.

Ingredients: 27 g Starbucks Veranda coffee, 1 mango, 1 pineapple, 3 tablespoons white chocolate, shredded coconut, 1,5 % milk, ice

Preparation: We place the sliced pineapple on the bottom of the glass then add the three spoons of chocolate and the ice. Pour the pureed mango on it then the course grind Veranda coffee prepared in a French press goes on top. We can add coconut, coffee beans or mango as well.

Mint-Chocolate Dream

The recipe of Gábor Geiger is made for those who need a real energy bomb and are looking for the uniqueness in every day. The cocktail mixes coffee and a combination of healthy fruits with mint and delicious chocolate.

Ingredients: 2×20 ml mocha, double espresso, mint, chocolate, milk, raspberry syrup, lime, ice

Preparation: We pour all the mocha in a glass with the mint then add the double espresso, the milk and the ice too. We fill the rest of the glass with milk foam mixed with 15 ml of raspberry syrup then decorate it with chocolate and lime on top.

+1 Summer Morning

A refreshed awakening is guaranteed by the cocktail from Emese Győri, a fine cold brew and the basil leaves strengthen your immune system and helps maintain energy throughout the day.

Ingredients: 15 ml peach syrup, cold brew, filtered water, ice, basil leaves

Preparation: We pour the peach syrup into a shaker then add the ice, filtered water and the basil leaves then shake it all together. We pour the cold brew in the bottom of the glass then add ice and the contents of our shaker.

Enjoy summer and get refreshed with these excellent  coffee creations!

Credit: Starbucks

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