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Nativity Scene Exhibition in the St. Stephen’s Basilica

Nativity Scene Exhibition in the St. Stephen’s Basilica

This year, the Hungarian Craftsmanship Foundation organizes the Nativity Scene Exhibition for the 29th time, and with the intention of creating tradition, it will be hosted again at the Cavalry Hall (Lovagterem) of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

The series was launched in 1994 on the model of the 100 mangers international exhibition in Rome, to which Hungary was invited for the first time in 1993. Along with these exhibitions, the traditions of the nativity scene movement initiated by the Cistercians in the 1940s are also being nurtured.

Over the years, in order to color the exhibition and make it even more spectacular, in addition to the works depicting the Nativity scene or its characters, works that preserve the folk customs of the Nativity scene, express the Nativity message for today, or are connected to the Advent-Christmas festivities became exhibited. Furthermore, those creations and art pieces connected to our home, table, Christmas tree or even our clothes which enhance joy and create a more intimate, festive and unique feeling got their share within the exhibition.

Once again, the projects were judged by a jury made up of folk crafts artists and ethnographic researchers, as well as representatives of the Cistercian Parish. The members of the jury decided on the creations primarily based on their artistic value, idealism, aesthetic appearance and technical execution, taking into account the age and personality of the creators in the case of amateur applicants. They valued new ideas, new techniques, new approaches to the topic, and the willingness to experiment.

The jury finally accepted a total of almost 170 works from 121 applicants.

The exhibition will be visited from December 16, 2022 to January 8, 2023, 9:00 – 17.30.

The exhibition can be viewed with Basilica’s Panorama Lookout and Treasury Ticket. Buy your tickets at the ticket office of the Basilica or online.

With the ticket, you can also visit the Panorama terrace of the Basilica, which offers a dazzling panorama of the Advent lights of the city center.

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