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Buda Castle city walk

We at BudapestWonders have passion for our beautiful city Budapest . We are locals born andraised here and ready to show you what We like most about this place.

The passion for travel made us create experiences beyond the usual. We open the curtains and takeour guests to the backstages of our destinations to meet new people and unknown cultures, admire unique architecture, experience our traditions and meet the locals. As a socially and environmentally responsible travel company we only work with local service providers to ensure that we -and thus you- support those who make our cities such great places to live in and visit. We are looking forwardto taking you on authentic, memorable experiences.

Buda Castle city walk

This historical Budapest tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the Buda Castle area’s rich history and culture. As you enter the Castle District, your knowledgeable guide will transport you back in time with captivating stories and anecdotes. The buildings here have witnessed centuries of history and have fascinating stories to tell. You’ll learn about the old and new functions of these houses and gain insight into the lives of the district’s residents. Discover local handicrafts, folklore, porcelain, and paintings as your guide highlights interesting local products.

A highlight of the tour is a visit to Matthias Church, an architectural masterpiece in the Castle District. To conclude the tour, enjoy local snacks while taking in the breathtaking view from the World Heritage-listed Buda Castle area.


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