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Blagovesztenszka templom

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 5

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The church in the Main Square of the town was originally erected in 1690 by the monks of the Sámi who fled to Szentendre in front of the Turks.

Today’s church was built on the site of this wooden church in 1752 according to the plans of András Mayerhoffer. The patron saint of the church, one of the symbols of the city, is the Blessed Virgin Fruit. The early classicist building of the former Serbian Orthodox school, built in 1797 and built back by the Serbian Orthodox Church in 2010, stands on the north side of the church. The church has an east-west axis, mixing Baroque and Rococo elements. Its façade tower is 28 meters high, with a pitcher of stone and a small obelisk on the edge of the curved gable on each side.

The special features of the stone-framed bell windows are the small, arched stone balconies. Its main entrance is a richly decorated stone gate with oak door leaves. Next to the entrance is a red marble tomb with Greek inscriptions. The side entrance of the stone-framed oak tree is decorated with shells, above which are frescoes of St. Constantine and St. Ilona.

The Rococo icon wall of the church was made by Mihály Zsivkovics in the 1802s. At the top is the crucified Jesus, with the Virgin Mary in pain on the left and the image of St. John on the right.

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