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Béchamel restaurant

1072 Budapest, Akácfa utca 36.

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If you suddenly feel like having brunch, you can’t find a better place than Béchamel restaurant in Akácfa Street of District 7 with its classical French atmosphere.
The term “all day breakfast” here means that you can taste a wide range of an international brunch selection and eat what is on the menu any time between 8 am and 4 pm.
The all-time favourites are Eggs Benedict, or its salmon version, Eggs Salmon, the authentic French Croque Madame, or the spinach Croque Florentine, but if you are more into a trio of fried sausage-beans-fried eggs sunny side up, we encourage you to have a classical English breakfast.
One thing is sure: whoever tries any of these will hardly forget the perfect harmony of flavours that these versions of toasted milk loaf, fried ham, melted cheese, softly running poached eggs, or the occasional fried eggs display.

French toast offers an alternative to the lovers of sweet brunch, served with maple syrup dressing, fruit sauce and garnished with fresh fruits.

We will refrain from enlisting the full content of the menu so that it would have some surprise items left for those who like selecting what to eat on the spot.

Apart from food, you can have Italian dark roast coffee, the award-winning pastries of Freyja and the French-flavours-inspired cakes of Espressoul, and if you wish to round up your meal with a glass of wine or champagne, of course they are available, too.

In the current situation it is worth mentioning that, if, for some reason, you do not have a vaccination/immunity card, you can still enjoy the hospitality of Béchamel at the tables set in front of the restaurant in a French style. In order to avoid waiting, we advise you to reserve a table.

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