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Kmetty Múzeum

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 21.

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The museum is housed in the 18th-century building on the city’s main square by the Ferenczy Museum Center.

After the death of János Kmetty, who worked in Szentendre in the summer (1975), his widow donated a legacy of 275 items to the Ferenczy Museum, from which the Kmetty Museum was established in 1981. János Kmetty is one of the key representatives of Hungarian modernism: as the creator of the first Hungarian cubist work, he took a significant part in introducing Cubism to Hungary. The museum, which houses an exhibition reviewing his oeuvre, provides an insight into the artist’s work from a selection of masterpieces borrowed from private and public collections and from the works preserved at the Ferenczy Museum Center following the complete modernization of the building in 2018.

Here, the museum dedicated to the work of Kmetty housed the entire oeuvre, which only the museum could receive for a permanent deposit from other collections. So much has come together that it gives an overview of the artist’s creative periods. You can see his characteristic cityscapes, still lifes and self-portraits in the permanent exhibition. We can follow his early plein air, then cubist, and then Hungarian activism works to the bluish compositions of the sixties.

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