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Its Always Beer OClock at Margarets Restaurant & Pub

Fancy a pint? And not just any kind? With 20 beers on tap, Margaret’s Restaurant & Pub is your place to be!

Located right at the foot of Margaret Bridge on the Buda side, the new spot appeared on the gastro map of the city at the end of August: with its spacious, modern interior, and cosmopolitan ambience, Margaret’s found a way to charm beer enthusiasts and lovers of culinary delights alike. Carrying impressive local and international brands—like Budapest-based FIRST Craft Beer, the Czech Bohemia Regent or Primator, just to name a few— Margaret’s sophisticated selection contains pale ales, IPAs, NEIPAs, and stouts. The 9% IPA is balanced by 3 types of fruit beers like Margaret’s own Rohozec Cherry or FIRST’s Blueberry Ale and Mango Juice, so even those who prefer lighter brews will find their favorite.

Should you start to feel a little hungry, you can choose some bar snacks equally satisfying: Paprikás Mangalica Crackling with Red Onion and Sourdough Bread, Duck Créme Brulée with Grilled Honey Briosch or the Cold Bavarian Sausage are all mouthwatering options.

The menu boosts traditional Hungarian flavors with a modern twist, now tweaked to perfection. If you wish to try some legendary dishes, there are plenty to choose from: the Confit Duck Leg, the Baked Sausages, and Tenderloin Steak, or the Red Wine Beef Stew and so much more, waiting for you at Margaret’s!

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