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Museum of Fine Arts

1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41. - Heroes Square

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The Museum of Fine Arts, opened in 1906, is reputed to be among Europe’s most prominent museums. Its multi-faceted collections and their historical continuity coupled with the large number of masterpieces undoubtedly earn it a prestigious place among public collections. The Museum of Fine Arts displays the treasures of international and Hungarian art spanning from ancient times to the end of the eighteenth century, while its large-scale temporary exhibitions attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.

After the most comprehensive reconstruction project in its history, the museum re-opened at the end of 2018. Thanks to the modernisation, the Museum of Fine Arts now satisfies twenty-first-century requirements for collection care and visitor engagement.

Parallel to the reconstruction, the permanent exhibitions were also renewed: the collection of Hungarian art before 1800 – which was separated from international art in two stages after 1957 and transferred to the Hungarian National Gallery – “came home” after a long period of absence. As a result, returning to its original concept, introduced at the time of its opening in 1906, the museum is again operating as an exhibition venue presenting Hungarian and international art history to the public. Besides showcasing ancient cultures thanks to its collections of Egyptian and classical antiquities, the museum has also become home to artworks from before 1800. Until the opening of the New National Gallery in the City Park, whose building was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning SAANA architectural firm, works of art from the period after the beginning of the nineteenth century can be viewed in the Hungarian National Gallery in Buda Castle.

Permanently exhibited

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Classical Antiquity
  • European Art 1250-1600
  • European Sculpture 1350-1800
  • Art in Hungary 1600-1800
  • Romanesque Hall
  • The Renaissance Hall

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