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Mystery Hotel Budapest

1064 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 45.

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Mystery Hotel Budapest is a new, 82-room luxury hotel located in the 6th district, the city center of Budapest. Budapest’s main attractions are within walking distance of the hotel. 

The concierge at the front of the Great Hall Restaurant & Lounge has a small library from where our guests may borrow various mystic themed books and/or movies.

By entering the hotel you can feel that we are going to a special world.

However, the theme was not only inspired by the life and work of Freemasons, but also by various mystic themed books and movies.

Zoltán Varró interior designer fine-tuned the atmosphere with optical illusions.

The grand staircase of the building being lit by old-fashioned candles, Aladdin’s flying carpet above the front desk.

Each of the guestrooms, studios and suites are designed in three different styles aligned with a Greek column style: Corinth, Ion and Doric. The three antique columns play an important role, as we also find them throughout other areas of the hotel, such as in The Great Hall Restaurant, the Secret Garden Day Spa and The Sky Garden.

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