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Nellicious - Taste Budapest

Fővám Square

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My name is Nelli.

I was born and raised in Hungary, but then lived, studied and worked over half of my life abroad, in 7 different countries on three continents.

My passion is traveling and food.

Food can be just so delicious if you know what and where and how to eat. I love to taste, test and cook and discover new and old, traditional national, international and fusion cuisine and flavors.

I came back to Hungary by the end of 2016, to rediscover my Motherland. And I’m loving it.

I believe that through a nation´s cuisine you can learn additionally a lot about the culture, history, mentality and characteristics of the country.

I created this page to offer you, dear Foodies, the opportunity to discover Hungary´s tasty dishes and drinks and get closer to my nation and hopefully to love it.

It’s worth visiting and exploring!

I gathered some similar minded people around me, who offer you these tastings as your local host and we are always really happy, when we can share our knowledge, experiences and discoveries with our guests.

So book us and get the taste!

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